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What is a Natural Pet Store

What is a Natural Pet Store?

A Natural Pet Store is generally considered to be a business where dog and cat parents can find products that are manufactured to a higher standard. This often includes pet foods and supplements that use more natural ingredients, often organic, without the undesirable lower quality fillers and chemical additives found elsewhere. The higher-quality product selection should also encompass grooming products, toys, treats and chews that lean towards the more natural products more and more consumers are looking for and that place a higher emphasis on a pet’s health and safety as opposed to profit margin.

While the above may be true, there is way too much wiggle room left for misrepresentation, whether unintentional or otherwise. When we talk about natural pet store products at The Pet Health and Nutrition Center we really concentrate on the “natural”. Our highly researched product line focuses on the highest quality natural pet store products available. We contact and speak with each manufacturer and further investigate by getting feedback from respected contacts within the pet industry and doing research on our own time – lots of research!

We also formulate our own line of natural products for dogs and cats that we feel are the industry's finest. In adhering to our philosophy, our product line consists of organic, whole foods without the usual synthetic or cheap fillers found in other products. We make sure we use organic glycerin for our herbal tinctures even though it is much more expensive, others don't. We make sure to avoid the use of synthetic flow agents that make manufacturing quicker and easier, others don't. And we make sure to use organic herbs and whole foods even though they are more expensive, again others don't.

When searching for natural pet store products you have to look beyond the marketing terms of the day like “natural” and “holistic”, because there are now many manufacturers that have begun to abuse these terms for their own gain. Does the self-described natural pet store carry products marketed as “natural”, but when you read the ingredient panel the products are loaded with preservatives and other chemicals? Do they sell foods and other products marketed as “holistic”, but when you read the ingredient panel you find the same reliance on synthetic vitamins and other low-cost ingredients? Do they offer pet toys that reek of chemicals, like vinyl pet toys that contain phthalates?

At The Pet Health and Nutrition Center we take our selection of natural pet store products much more seriously. We recommend kibble pet foods that supply more natural pet nutrition and use minimal or no synthetic vitamins. We don’t recommend varieties of raw pet foods that are “fortified” with synthetic vitamins, but instead recommend others that supply natural nutrition and formulate a quality whole food vitamin supplement if the customer desires one. From pet foods to vitamin supplements to herbal remedies and pet toys, our selection and recommendations of natural pet store products is based on dedication and research – not just the marketing term of the day.

We are a true natural pet store and only carry the dog and cat products best suited to your animal’s health and well-being. This is our life’s passion and mission. You can trust us to do our very best for your animal companion, and when we say we provide the very best natural pet store products… its not just lip service!