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Natural Remedies


Buck Mountain Botanicals Organic Valerian features Valeriana sitchensis, the most potent of the valerian relaxing nervines and long used as a sleep aid and anxiety reducing agent. Valerian is most likely the most widely recognized natural, herbal sedative.



Buck Mountain Botanicals Organic Hawthorn has multiple high efficacy for cardiovascular ailments in dogs and cats. Hawthorn berries have long been considered one of nature's best and safest heart and vascular tonics.



Buck Mountain Botanicals Organic Grindelia is well known among Western herbalists for its usefulness as a respiratory herb. Grindelia is composed of substances that act as expectorants (stimulate mucus secretion) and reduce inflammation in the respiratory tract making dry, hacking coughs more productive.



Buck Mountain Botanicals Lepsilyte is formulated from organic extracts of skullcap and valerian that together help to balance abnormal electrical discharges in the brain



Buck Mountain Botanicals Bugleweed contains bugleweed extract and can be useful for animals with mild over-active thyroid conditions. Studies have shown that bugleweed slows the release of the hormone thyroxine from the thyroid gland making it useful for over-active conditions.



Animals Apawthecary Herbal Ear Rinse is a safe, all-natural, highly effective herbal pet ear care product for dogs and other animals. Animals Apawthecary Herbal Ear Rinse helps fight bacteria, fungi and mites as it flushes away excess ear wax, dirt, and other debris from the outer ear.



Keys MetaCare Healing Lotion  is a chemical-free healing therapeutic lotion developed for dog skin disorders, cracking dry skin and minor abrasions. Keys MetaCare combines pharmaceutical grade ingredients in therapeutic proportions of Neem and Karanja oil.


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