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Biopreparation IMHA Dog Testimonial


Biopreparation Dogs IMHA testimonial

Our 9 years old dachshund, Matteo was diagnosed with IMHA on August 17. He got 7 blood transfusions and PCV was between 15-20%. He didn't want to eat or drink. Vet told us that the disease might already affect the bone marrow. We talked about taking him home so he could be with his family. Feeling hopeless, I started searching for holistic meds that can help prolong his life and I found Pet Health Nutrition website. I contacted Maria after hours and she got back to me first thing in the morning. She was super helpful and told me to get BioPreparation F3+ and overnighted to me. I gave 1 1/2 capsules spread into 2x a day right after I gave him at the hospital. I had to make a paste and put it on his tongue since he didn't want to eat or drink. That night her blood count cell was up to 25% and stayed up to almost 24 hours before dropping to 17% again. We were surprised and my husband told me to give 2 capsules spread into 2x the next day. And surprisingly, it went up to 27% the next morning and for almost 36 hours and dropped to 23% and he started to eat. They sent him home after 48 hours watch with blood count being stable at 23% on 08/23. Couple days later, we came back to get his PCV done, and it was 32%. We started giving him daily multi calcium along with his meal. As of yesterday 09/06, His PCV was at 43% and he's taking 2-1/2 capsules spread into 5 times a day. The vet is so happy with the results and start tapering his Prednisone. Thank you thank you thank you again Maria, for saving Matteo's life.