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Natural Pet Food Nutrition

Our take on Natural Pet Food Nutrition is much more narrowly focused than the vast majority of stores out there. Too us, natural pet food nutrition means whole foods in their natural form.

Most pet food is cooked…that’s not natural. Others contain processed grains such as flour and gluten…that’s not natural. The vast majority contain ever-increasing amounts of synthetic vitamins – definitely not natural! So, what is everybody talking about when they say that they offer natural pet food nutrition? Well, the honest answer is that unfortunately most places aren’t really sure what they are selling. They carry foods based on marketing and popularity because their goal is to provide as many pet food brands as possible to attract as many customers as they can to their store or website.

We do things very differently here at The Pet Health and Nutrition Center. Our focus is so narrow that we only carry 10-12 brands of pet food – only the very best. Instead of just trying to stock everything everybody wants just to attract customers and make the sale, we spend time educating consumers as to why we think what we provide is healthier for their pet(s). Our customers are very appreciative of our extra effort because they are trying to do the very best for their animal companion, and often end up wondering why no one has taken the time to explain things to them before.

The correct natural pet food nutrition will provide your animal with what he needs in an easily assimilated and nutritious form that his body recognizes as food. This is opposed to the way most commercial pet foods are formulated, which is with inexpensive ingredients void of significant nutrition and then loaded up with synthetic vitamins. Make a mistake trying to replicate nature, and the animals get very sick or die, just like the cats whose kibble and canned diets didn’t contain enough carnitine back in the 1980’s and the tens of thousands of animals since then related to numerous recalls of primarily large national manufacturers of canned and kibble diets due to mycotoxins, salmonella, botulism, melamine….

The only true natural pet food nutrition consists of raw, unprocessed, unfortified, whole food ingredients. Even though we carry a highly researched and focused selection of kibble, canned and dehydrated diets, raw pet foods are our specialty. With good reason, because in 99.9% of cases, whether you have a dog, cat, bird, ferret, rabbit or some other species, whole foods in their most natural form will be the best choice for the optimum wellness of your animal companion. The closer you stay to nature, the healthier your animal will be. If you can’t feed raw, go with a dehydrated raw diet. Don’t like that idea, then select the highest quality canned or kibble diet that derives the majority of its nutrition from whole foods and not synthetic vitamins. Don’t just trust the fancy marketing on the front of the bag; turn the bag over and read the ingredient panel, ask questions, educate yourself!

So the next time you want to purchase the very best natural pet food nutrition for your companion, take a look at the selection offered by your local or online feed and grain or self-described natural pet store. Is it narrowed and focused or do they carry every brand under the sun? What does that say about their motivation? Does their selection make you think that they care more about getting as many consumers to shop with them as possible or about the health and well-being of your animal companion? What feeling do you get when you shop with us? Hopefully it’s much different.

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