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Natural Pet Flea and Tick Control Products

Our selection of Natural Pet Flea and Tick Control Products is very likely the most honest representation of this category anywhere! The natural pet flea and tick control products we offer are just that…natural!

Other stores that promote themselves as more “natural” typically offer commercial brands of flea and tick products that are marketed as being safe and natural for your pet and generally they are placed right next to the spot-on pesticide products. This can be really confusing to the consumer. Because this more “natural” pet store carries these products consumers may wonder if this selection is the best available for their pets… or was it just a matter of convenience because commercial brands are usually available at the local distributor? Consumers may also wonder that since this particular store carries spot-on pesticide products and offer them right alongside the other products does this mean they view them as being safe? Some consumers might think so.

However, at The Pet Health and Nutrition Center our selection of natural pet flea and tick control products include the finest and most effective products available. Products from California, Wyoming and Connecticut that can’t be found at the local distributor. Yes, it is more difficult, and yes, we make less of a profit margin because of the extra time required and shipping costs. But this is more than about profit margin to us; it is about your family’s health – animal companion and human! Oh, and we can’t forget about the planet here for a second, because spot-on pesticide products are neurotoxins and endocrine disruptors and pass through your animals 80% intact, and yes, eventually wind up in our water supply!

Toxic spot-on pesticide products are just that – toxic. If they weren’t the FDA wouldn’t be investigating them because they are believed responsible for the illnesses and deaths of numerous animals. We don’t sell them! Instead, we educate our customers about them. Our selection of natural pet flea and tick control products is the finest anywhere, and provides safer, yet effective, natural protection for our customer’s cherished animal companions.

If you would like some additional information please feel free to our article Natural Pet Flea and Tick Control.