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Keys MetaClean Shampoo


Keys MetaClean Shampoo is an all-natural, chemical-free healing shampoo. MetaClean makes the finest multipurpose dog shampoo but was developed to provide relief from itching related to allergies, irritations and hot spots. Keys MetaClean will help with dog skin irritations related to environmental allergens and soothe your dog's skin by avoiding the chemicals that are in other pet grooming products.

Keys  MetaClean combines an all-natural chemical-free Castile base with essential oils known for their healing properties. Added is a concentration of pharmaceutical grade Neem and Karanja oil at levels that give this Keys Shampoo both therapeutic and natural insect repelling properties.

MetaClean rinses four to five times faster than sulfate based shampoos and has a natural aromatherapy that helps calm your dog during bathing. This naturally healing shampoo contains no perfumes or chemical preservatives that will irritate your pet's skin or sense of smell. This chemical-free Keys Shampoo is safe and effective for both pets and people!

Keys MetaClean Healing Shampoo Benefits

  • Made with natural, organic, chemical-free ingredients!

  • Stops Itching & Scratching

  • Heals Skin Disorders

  • Naturally Repels Insects

  • Heals Dog Hot Spots

  • Skin & Hair Conditioner

  • Fast Rich Lather

  • Rinses Lightning Fast

  • Calming Aromatherapy

  • For Pets & People

Did you know...
Manufacturers of pet grooming products do not always list all ingredients on their labels. There is no over-site! Some "natural" pet grooming products contain hidden preservatives like sodium laurel sulfate and parabens not listed on the label! We investigate our products and have already caught one manufacturer of "natural" grooming products adding chemical preservatives not listed on their label and removed them from our product offerings!

Keys MetaClean Shampoo Details

Available in a 8oz container.

Keys Metaclean Shampoo Ingredients
See chart above.

AWESOME--Was using a different homeopathic shampoo for the past year, and yes it worked, BUT, this product works 100 % better and goes 3+ times farther. The oils are great for her doggy skin. THANKS !
This shampoo works so well. I am so happy I found this website and all these great products. The organic ingredients and natural preservative make me feel so good when I give Kodi his bath and he smells so good afterward!
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