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Keys OmniCare Healing Spray


Keys OmniCare Healing Spray for Dogs is an all natural, chemical-free healing spray for skin disorders, allergies & irritations that also repels fleas, ticks, flies, mites & mosquitoes! Keys OmniCare was developed for dogs and their handlers returning from Hurricane Katrina and aimed to relieve the dogs' discomfort, rashes, itching and skin disorders.

Keys OmniCare contains healing concentrations of Neem oil, Karanja oil, Shea butter, avocado oil, carrot seed oil and black cumin oil. Keys contains a natural repellent that enhances the insect repellent properties of the Neem and Karanja.

Keys OmniCare Healing Spray for Dog Skin Disorders Benefits

  • Made with natural, organic, chemical-free ingredients!

  • Healing First-Aid Spray

  • Heals Skin Disorders

  • Natural Insect Repellent

  • Heals Pet Hot Spots

  • Skin & Hair Conditioner

  • Heals Burns & Rashes

  • Refreshing Earthy Scent

  • For Pets & People

Keys OmniCare Healing Spray for Dogs Details

Available in an 8 oz spray container.

Keys OmniCare Ingredients
See chart with images above.

I ordered the Keys Omnicare Healing Spray for my American pitbull terrier dog and his skin has shown a very big improvement. His hair has grown back and he is not scratching and biting at his skin. Very pleased and impressed with the product. Thanks Pet health and nutrition center.
I had been looking for a good all-natural spray to use on my dog before we went for a walk. In the area where we usually go he would come out with a whole bunch of ticks that I would have to pick off. Now, before I bring him on this walk I spray him with RediCare and I haven't had to pick a tick off since, so I am really pleased with this product.
Our dog Samantha would get these hot spots every Summer and they would take forever to heal. One of the girls at The Pet Health and Nutrition Center recommended I try this product. Let me tell you it really works. Whenever I see Sam start to lick at a spot I use this spray right away and it heals right up and she doesn't lick at it anymore. Very pleased!
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