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It was a year ago that my 13 year old Rhodesian Ridgeback, Dancer was diagnosed with Degenerative Mylopathy, which is a very grim diagnosis. My world was turned upside down. Fortunately, I found Maria and company at the Pet Health and Nutrition Center. I spoke with her for about 45 minutes as she helped me work out a plan and listened to my sorrow. I also found an excellent Holistic Vet who FULLY endorses the products. It has been a year, and Dancer is not only still with us, but is active, happy and alert. Her symptoms have vastly improved, and the disease seems to have slowed immensely. Thank you Maria and Pet Health and Nutrition Center! I will forever be grateful I came across your website on that dreadful day! :)
Muchas Gracias por ofrecer productos tan excelentes; mi perra pastor alemàn de 1 año de edad, sufriò mucho con diarreas, y deposiciones con Sangre Durante 6 meses hasta que encontramos en Internet su sitio web y nos enteramos que su condiciòn era un IBD; cambiè a una dieta cruda y administrarle bioprep, diarrhoea relief, daily multi complete and repair strength .Ahora su appetito Es Bueno y rara vez tiene diarreas.Mejoría del 100%. Muchas Gracias de todo corazòn.
Dios los bendiga siempre.
This message is from my heart and I am forever grateful to Maria and her husband. For the past several years all the times they spent listening, caring and the extensive knowledge they have given to me and my dogs. They truly do care about each individual and their beloved pets. The knowledge between them far surpasses any given to me by veterinarians. My 12 year old has some issues that have not worsened with the use of Topical Probiotic spray and with guidance from Maria they both use cranberry powder, BioPrep, Elk Velvet Antler, Female Vitality, fish oil, tinctures and a special tea for my older girl.
With their knowledge and caring they have helped me give the best quality care I can. I am and will remain one of their most grateful customers.

In mid-December, my beautiful 12 year old Rhodesian Ridgeback mix, Dancer, had all but been formally diagnosed with Degenerative Myelopathy, an insidious disease which is very much like MS in humans. Her prognosis was very grim. She was fast losing her mobility, stability, coordination, and was experiencing random rear leg paralysis. While all of the symptoms were extremely unsettling for both her and us, the most frightening aspect of all was the paralysis. She has always been so vibrant, and these incidents were clearly scaring her and quickly taking her confidence away. My vet at this time, said there was very little they could do for me other than refer her to a vet who specialized in neurology and who could test her more aggressively.
It was at this time in mid-December 2014, while frantically searching for help, I found your website. When I first found your page on Degenerative Myelopathy, and your suggested treatment plan, I was both hopeful and skeptical. There is, after all very little hope offered when it is suggested a dog may have this condition, as anyone searching the Internet regarding this condition will find. I spoke with Maria and she was very knowledgeable about the condition which immediately impressed me. We spoke at length, and she empathetically offered her support, and let me know that while this may not be the answer, she has seen success with their core plan in both her personal experience, and those of her customers.
I decided to order the package and eagerly awaited the arrival. In the meantime, I contacted a holistic vet in my area, who, though would not be able to see her for 2 weeks, said with the chiropractic treatments, a raw food diet, and proper supplements, he could very well be able to improve the quality of her life. When I informed him that I had just purchased the supplements from Pet Health and Nutrition Company, he asked me to forward the information to him so he could review. I did so, and when he got back to me soon after, informed me that this was an excellent direction to take, and that the products were high quality, and that he did not see any reason why starting her on this program while we waited to see him would hurt in any way, and would more than likely provide great help.
Upon visiting our new vet, he advised me on how to incorporate a raw meat diet into her life. Since doing this, and giving her the supplements in the DM package, along with a high quality fish oil and the BioPrep formula, I am so very happy to report that my baby is back! Her coordination and mobility have vastly improved, and the leg paralysis episodes have essentially gone away. While her stamina is not what it used to be, we are able to take her on walks and she does not trip and stumble anymore, which is amazing!
It is now, early March 2015. There is light and life in her eyes and in her step. I know nothing is promised, and I won’t have her forever with me on earth, but I am so grateful to see her enjoying her life again, and I will be happy with every extra day I have with her. As well, I will always and forever be grateful I found your website on that awful day. It gave me hope and guided me to a vet who supports your products and your recommendations, and helped me so much with changing her diet. Ultimately though, it has given me many more precious days with my beautiful angel on earth.
I just want to thank you, thank you, thank you so much for your products. Our Pug, Sam, was diagnosed with Degenerative Myelopathy almost a year ago. I have no doubt your products are helping him immensely. I have tears I am so appreciative of you. I think it all the time so I figured I should tell you!
We are an integrative practice that focuses on nutrition and healing. We have searched for a long time to find an excellent supplement line that is easy to use for our clients and highly effective. The Pet Health and Nutrition Center supplies this and many herbal combinations that are highly effective in helping us heal our patients. They have excellent client service and are very knowledgeable about herbal therapies and always willing to answer our questions.
Thomas Pfafman DVM, CAC
Integrative Vet Med Center
My husband and I rescued a 1 ½ year old male German shepherd about eight years ago, we named him Sergeant. He came to us with many health problems including allergies to a host of food products. His ears would become infected, his paws turned red and he scratched and gnawed at himself constantly and he lived on daily pain medication. About five years ago our vet sent a blood sample to a lab in California and we started Sergeant on a series of allergy shots, which I hate giving to him. We spent a large amount of money to try to find healthy foods and good medications to make his life comfortable. I have been making purchases at The Pet Health and Nutrition Center for the past several years. After speaking with Philip I purchased their Colostrum, Systemic Enzyme Formula and the liquid Probiotic Formula. Within two weeks Sergeant’s ears cleared, his paws looked normal, he stopped licking, scratching and gnawing and we now use less pain meds. Our eight year old German shepherd, Sergeant, is now living a more normal life thanks to Phil and The Pet Health and Nutrition Center and I wanted others to know about it. My name is Kathleen.
We cannot thank Phil enough for the complete nutritional and holistic program that he has compiled for our 10 year old Boston Terrier, Isabella. Isabella suffers from colitis, IBS, GERD, and arthritis. We tried every prescription, home and commercial dog food to no avail. Isabella would continually refuse to eat, and her health was deteriorating. Phil to the rescue! He is the only person who understands what your animal needs. Isabella has improved 100% since Phil prepared a detailed regime for her. For the first time in her life, she is actually eating on her own without any prodding on our part!! In fact, her whole demeanor has improved. Our little girl is now on the road to recovery, and an improved well-being thanks to Phil!! THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! Your biggest fans,
Cindy, Wayne and Isabella
Philip and Maria are totally awesome. Maria has helped me in the past with one of my other sheltie's. She recently told me about the pet consultation. I emailed Philip a lengthy email of my sheltie's history. He recommended many different products and food for my dog Lexie. I took his advise and switched over to a raw diet. I really have already noticed a change. Philip and Maria are very caring people, trust me you won't go wrong purchasing any of their products or emailing them for help.
Maria, Where do I begin?! I found your great website and products while researching Degenerative Myelopathy (DM), a disease my gorgeous 9 year old Boxer, "Duncan" received as a presumptive diagnosis this past November. The only way to confirm this hideous disease is through necropsy. My husband and I had never heard of this disease, but now feel like experts especially through your generous time sharing your extensive knowledge, recommended regime of holistic supplementation and changing Duncan to a raw diet. Duncan is now doing exceptionally well fighting this awful disease! I truly believe the synergistic relationship between the Myelin Sheath Glandular, the Nerve Tonic, the Biopreparation, Digestive Enzymes and other herbals we've been able to drastically slow down the progression of the disease. For those unfamiliar with DM, it is similar to human ALS - truly ugly. I believe without the use of these herbal remedies Duncan would have already made his transition to the Rainbow Bridge. He is still a very energetic, happy boy who loves his "treats" (all natural, ofcourse), snuggling up to his family, going for rides in the car, spending time in the yard with with his pals and playing with his favorite toys. Thank goodness there is no pain with the disease. These supplements have made all the difference in the world for our special boy. A year later from the first signs of "something isn't right" with Duncan's mobility he is still walking without assistive devices. A huge thank you for helping our Duncan maintain a quality of life and giving us the gift of more time with him!! Best Regards, Joy
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