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Very pleased with the transaction with your company!! My dog, PO has to be on your Milk Thistle for life and was highly recommended by Dr. Martin Goldstein's Veterinary Clinic in New York. Thank you...and hopefully will be ordering from you for a long time!
All my dogs love the products I buy from you. Fast shipping is appreciated. Thank you!
Got my order nice and fast and everything was in perfect condition. They included a copy of my order and even wrote a personal thank you on the receipt, which I thought was a nice touch! Very happy with my transaction and products.
Quality Service for quality products; AND quality prices!
Great products, great service!!
First, let me thank you for the very fast delivery. The kidney and glandular supplements have been working great for my dog for the past 2 years. I started them when he was in big trouble with his kidneys. Blood tests showed he was rapidly going towards kidney failure. After one week I could see a big difference. He has been on the supplements for 2 years and, coupled with a organic home made diet, he is in perfect health. Thank you for carrying those marvelous products
I was referred to your brand of Milk Thistle by Dr. Martin Goldstein's Smith Ridge Veterinary Clinic in NY. My dear furbaby was diagnosed with liver cancer three months ago. We are currently treating her with Dr. Goldstein's methods and your Milk Thistle. My PO is has not shown any sickness at's going on four months since she was diagnosed. Thank You for making such a wonderful, chemical free product for animals. Your service is fantastic and I highly recommend your company and products.
I was called when the shipment was going to be delayed. I then got overnight service. can't get much better than that
I am really pleased with the quick service that I get from your company. My Jack Russel has been suffering with hip pain for a while, so we took him to the doctors and he gave us medicine. The medicine got him really sick and he ended up in the hospital. We almost lost him. My brother told me about your company and what he bought for his dog. His dog has the same problem as mine, and he said that his dog was doing really good on this medicine. I bought Buck Mountain Botanicals Organic Glucosamine Sulfate, and it is the best thing that I ever bought. My dog was really limping bad and could not jump up on the couch, and he would always hold his leg up. He's been on this for two months now and is doing really great. I just love this product and I tell everyone about it. Thank you so much for selling this and at a great price too.
I am impressed with the customer service and speed of processing for my orders with your company. The Buck Mountain Glucosamine has done WONDERS for my senior American Cocker Spaniel - she literally acts 5 years younger. Thank you for selling their products.
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