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We cannot thank Phil enough for the complete nutritional and holistic program that he has compiled for our 10 year old Boston Terrier, Isabella. Isabella suffers from colitis, IBS, GERD, and arthritis. We tried every prescription, home and commercial dog food to no avail. Isabella would continually refuse to eat, and her health was deteriorating. Phil to the rescue! He is the only person who understands what your animal needs. Isabella has improved 100% since Phil prepared a detailed regime for her. For the first time in her life, she is actually eating on her own without any prodding on our part!! In fact, her whole demeanor has improved. Our little girl is now on the road to recovery, and an improved well-being thanks to Phil!! THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! Your biggest fans,
Cindy, Wayne and Isabella
Philip and Maria are totally awesome. Maria has helped me in the past with one of my other sheltie's. She recently told me about the pet consultation. I emailed Philip a lengthy email of my sheltie's history. He recommended many different products and food for my dog Lexie. I took his advise and switched over to a raw diet. I really have already noticed a change. Philip and Maria are very caring people, trust me you won't go wrong purchasing any of their products or emailing them for help.
Maria, Where do I begin?! I found your great website and products while researching Degenerative Myelopathy (DM), a disease my gorgeous 9 year old Boxer, "Duncan" received as a presumptive diagnosis this past November. The only way to confirm this hideous disease is through necropsy. My husband and I had never heard of this disease, but now feel like experts especially through your generous time sharing your extensive knowledge, recommended regime of holistic supplementation and changing Duncan to a raw diet. Duncan is now doing exceptionally well fighting this awful disease! I truly believe the synergistic relationship between the Myelin Sheath Glandular, the Nerve Tonic, the Biopreparation, Digestive Enzymes and other herbals we've been able to drastically slow down the progression of the disease. For those unfamiliar with DM, it is similar to human ALS - truly ugly. I believe without the use of these herbal remedies Duncan would have already made his transition to the Rainbow Bridge. He is still a very energetic, happy boy who loves his "treats" (all natural, ofcourse), snuggling up to his family, going for rides in the car, spending time in the yard with with his pals and playing with his favorite toys. Thank goodness there is no pain with the disease. These supplements have made all the difference in the world for our special boy. A year later from the first signs of "something isn't right" with Duncan's mobility he is still walking without assistive devices. A huge thank you for helping our Duncan maintain a quality of life and giving us the gift of more time with him!! Best Regards, Joy
I thought it was my imagination but my pet sitter who had not seen my 15 year old arthritic golden retriever in a few months was stunned by how much better he is getting around! We have been giving him the elk antler formulation and he is dramatically better. He has been on Rimadyl for a few years and it has helped but we are thrilled with the change since we started the Elk Antler two months ago. I highly recommend trying the Elk Antler your dog will thank you!
I am glad I found what I wanted, and, at a decent price. I received it in good time, too.
Friendly web sight and fast service. Will certainly purchase products again.
Thank you Maria for all your knowledge, and your commitment to sharing it and helping all animals. Our 3 dogs are much, much healthier and happier because of you. I contact you any time I have a question about their health and you always respond within a day and give us expert advice. Even though we now live in Nevada you are still our primary source for all dog food and health products.
Very fast service. Thank you.
Very pleased with the transaction with your company!! My dog, PO has to be on your Milk Thistle for life and was highly recommended by Dr. Martin Goldstein's Veterinary Clinic in New York. Thank you...and hopefully will be ordering from you for a long time!
All my dogs love the products I buy from you. Fast shipping is appreciated. Thank you!
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