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Holistic Remedies for Pets

The vast number of health practitioners in this country practice a combination of western medicine and allopathic medicine. Both direct therapy towards reducing or eliminating symptoms using drugs. This type of medicine has its place for acute care such as injuries or trauma but it is basically incapable of true HEALING.

The basic idea of HOLISTIC medicine is that each individual has specific emotional and physical needs. When these needs are met, the body will have what it needs to maintain a healthy state or return to one. This type of medicine leads to true healing, not just the masking of symptoms. No wonder that in the world today herbal medicine is the most popular and homeopathy the second most popular form of medicine; both being a part of holistic healing.

The United States lags behind other parts of the world in this regard. I wonder if that has anything to do with the numerous pharmaceutical company lobbyists and the hundreds of millions of dollars they use to influence how we receive medical care today? Luckily for us, and our companion animals, things are changing; natural and holistic forms of medicine are becoming far more accepted.

Types of Holistic therapy products that we offer include:

  • Chinese Herbals
    Chinese herbology is often more of a "cocktail" when compared to western herbology, and often incorporates ingredients from all parts of plants, such as the leaf, stem, flower, root, and also ingredients from animals and minerals.
  • Essential Oils
    Comprised of the volatile oils (meaning they evaporate quickly when exposed to air) that form the "essence" or fragrance of the plant. Generally extracted by steam distillation, and form the basis for aromatherapy. Since they are very concentrated, many can be toxic when taken internally.
  • Flower Essences
    Contain the "vibrational" or "energetic" signature of the flower. Primarily are used to benefit the emotional or spiritual part of an animal.
  • Glandular Supplements
    Comprised of raw animal glandular and nonglandular tissues. Provides supplementation to help tonify and support specific organ tissues by feeding those tissues the exact nutrients of which they are comprised.
  • Homeopathy
    Based on the work of German physician Samuel Hahnemann in which practitioners use highly diluted preparations of substances that would cause similar symptoms to those being treated if used in higher concentrations. Based on the law of similars (like treats like).
  • Nutraceuticals
    Consist of nutritious foods or food products that provide healing benefits to the body. The term was formed by combining the words “nutrition” and “pharmaceutical".
  • Western Herbals
    Based on the use of botanicals commonly available in North America and Europe. Can be used in "simple" formulas of only one herb or compounds.

Enjoy choosing from among our product offerings. They have been carefully chosen, taking into account quality of ingredients as well as company ethics. We have spoken personally with each of these companies and have even gone further, often looking into how other companies within the industry regard them and their reputation among individuals such as respected holistic veterinarians. This is EXTREMELY important because the pet industry is generally unregulated. Meaning that often the only way you can trust what is in the bottle is by the ethical standards of the companies themselves. The majority of other retailers out there purchase products based on what is found at their local distributor. That is being very unfair to their customers who are relying on a retailer's product offerings to help their companion animals. This is one of the most important things that separates The Pet Health and Nutrition Center from everyone else. We truly do not believe that there is another company anywhere that puts the type of effort into selecting the products that are offered in their store that we do. For us, helping people and their companion animals is a life calling and a passion, not just a financial enterprise, and we aim to prove it.