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Dog Toys

We look for fun and innovative dog toys manufactured in the USA by wonderful animal devoted companies from around the country. If we do offer an imported dog toy it is only after speaking with the manufacturer and receiving assurances concerning the companies standards and safeguards and being completely comfortable with the ethical standards of the dog toy manufacturer involved. We prefer imported products to be European Union Certified or adhere to the California "Toxic Toy" Law. We are fairly certain we go further to ensure the quality and safety of the dog toys we provide than any other company of which we are aware. Did you ever smell some of those other dog toys found at more conflicted stores? Did you notice that chemical smell? And, if you had, did you ever wonder what the consequences are from having those dog toys in your animal companions mouth? Well, I think that we can all agree that the constant leaching of these chemicals into your companions mouth can not be good, and is best avoided if at all possible. You can depend on us to research and find safe, environmentally responsible dog toys along with products using durable non-toxic materials from ethical manufacturers for your companions long term health and safety.

**Please note that dog toys you do not wish to be prematurely damaged should be used under supervised play and removed when done. Heavy and aggressive chewers can quickly destroy even the most durable dog toys. To help, we provide our very own Gnaw-Ability Rating Chart to help guide you to the right dog toy!