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Dog Food Ratings

We have developed a proprietary Dog Food Ratings system! We have done this to provide people with an unbiased way to judge the various pet foods. I say unbiased because our dog food ratings are done by removing opinion and views pertaining to certain foods by using a numerical rating system. Although some opinion can be found in our point system and is unavoidable. The dog food ratings are obtained by adding up the points awarded and arriving at a final total. This total gives a good view of the quality of the diet and also how it compares to other pet foods. Our dog food ratings remove propaganda, advertising and personal bias.

Here is how our dog food ratings system works:

Each food starts out with a score of 50, basically a failing grade, and is awarded points for ingredients, sourcing and manufacturing practices that go above and beyond to provide your companion with a healthy, species appropriate diet. Foods that are loaded with fillers, contain various undesirable ingredients or ingredients that canines really wouldn't eat as part of their natural diet will receive the lowest grades, and those that put effort into their diets will come out with the highest dog food ratings! After you put aside the advertising, propaganda and fear mongering, the ingredient panel doesn't lie!

Dog Food Ratings Point System

•Raw, unprocessed whole foods - 20 points
•Human grade ingredients - 10 points
•Made with primarily meat or high-quality
species specified meal protein sources - 10 points
•Manufactured in companies own facility - 10 points
•Minimal or absent synthetic vitamins - 10 points
•Organic fruits and vegetables - 10 points
•Organic, free-range or humanely
raised meats - 10 points
•Antibiotic and hormone-free
meats - 5 points
•Whole fruits, vegetables or grains - 5 points
•Free of artificial preservatives, colors and flavors - 5 points
•Made with fresh regional ingredients - 2.5 points
•Does not contain 'natural flavor" - 2.5 points

Dog Food Ratings Grade

Excellent - 90 points and higher
Average - 70 - 89 points
Below Average - 69 points and lower

Dog Food Ratings Table

  Raw Whole
Foods (20)
Minimal or Absent
Synthetic Vitamins (10)
Human Grade
Ingredients (10)
Primarily Meat
Formula (10)
Manufactured in Company
Owned Facility (10)
Organic Fruits and
Vegetables (10 )
Organic, Free-Range or
Humanely Raised Meat Sources (10)
Antibiotic and Hormone
Free Meat Sources (5)
Whole Fruits, Vegetables
and Grains (5)
No Artificial Preservatives
Colors or Flavors (5)
Uses Fresh Regional
Ingredients (5)
Does Not Contain
Natural Flavors (2.5)
Dog Food Rating
Beneful™ by Purina®         10               60
Dick Van Patten’s Natural Balance® Ultra Premium Formula                 5       55
Eukanuba® Adult Maintenance                         50
Iams® ProActive Health Adult Lamb Meal & Rice Formula                         50
Nutro® Foods         10               60
Pedigree® Complete Nutrition Small Crunchy Bites Original Beef Flavor         10               60
Purina® Mighty Dog Beef Dinner With Gravy         10               60
Purina One Chicken
Dry Food Formula
        10       5       65
Science Diet® Lamb Meal & Rice Formula         10               60


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