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Cleaning and Odor Control Products

At The Pet Health and Nutrition Center we firmly believe that in most everyday situations bacterial disinfectants are unnecessary and potentially dangerous, and research backs us up. Numerous scientific studies show that natural cleansers remove the majority of unwanted germs and disinfectants do little more, while adding to the possibility of contributing to the development of stronger and more resistant germs. We know there are many products out there that say they disinfect, remove poop, are safe and are "no rinse" etc. We have contacted and spoken with many of these companies personally, and while sometimes like pulling teeth we have received their Material Safety Data Sheets (MDS sheets). All of the products we researched contain potentially dangerous and unhealthy ingredients including various chemicals, preservatives and fragrances (a fragrance can be ANY type of chemical often emitting harmful vapors for some time).

Therefore, we offer you ingredients with natural, environmentally friendly ingredients. This is a much healthier way of doing things for everyone in your household as well as the environment. This takes on more importance when you consider that your dogs, cats and birds come into such close contact with counters, flooring, blankets etc. In our store we see so many animals that are suffering from toxic overload. By using natural-based cleansers in your home, you can go a long way towards removing toxins from your animal's environment, and cutting down on the chemicals to which their tiny, hard-working liver, kidneys and lymphatic system are exposed.

**In situations in which numerous animals are kept under stress such as boarding facilities or shelters or situations in which surfaces are hard to clean properly such as cement with cracks and crevices where germs can hide, stronger disinfectant regimens may be required.

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