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Cat Litter Box Tips

Cat Litter Box Solutions From Smart Cat

Fortunately, cats don't need much training when it comes to the litter box. It is instinctual for them to seek out an easily raked substrate in which to eliminate. A roomy litter box with high sides (to keep the litter from flying out) and a good litter scoop is all you need to keep your tiger coming back. Keep in mind the following feline preferences regarding litter box maintenance:

  • Cats do not like scented litter or hooded litter boxes

  • Cats do like a clean litter box

  • There should be one litter box per cat in the family, plus 1

SmartCat tips:

  • Provide litter that appeals to your cat. After all, your cat must want to use its litter box.

  • To each it's own litter box, that is. One box per cat in the household. Also, supply one extra litterbox.

  • Place each litter box in a quiet, private place easily accessible to your cat.

  • Keep in mind that litter box liners may be irritating to some cats.

  • Confine kittens and new cats to one room until they have used their litter box consistently.

  • Clean them daily the litter boxes, not your cats. We do that on our own.

  • Have your cat spayed or neutered at or before six months of age to prevent it form marking its territory.