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Canine Athlete Complete

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We have decided to discontinue this blended supplement and instead rely on the two individual supplements that comprise the Canine Athlete. By using these two supplements independently you will be providing your dog or cat with more green foods and glandulars per serving while being able to control the dosing of the Elk Velvet Antler. There is more product in these two individual supplements so they will last longer and the cost is a little bit more because of this.

We have made this simple for you to do. Just go to the Daily Multi Plus product page and then cick on the Buy Together tab and follow the instructions found there. Then click Add All to Cart in the Blue Box.

Our Mr Benjamin Button Bleu Rescue Dane 3 yrs 5 mo he has been using your precious holistic natural products for 2 yrs first Daily multi plus joint now the Canine Athlete complete which has more glandulars & velvet elk antler around 6 months on the C.A.C., occasionally giving therapeutic breaks... a world of gratitude is much too light a word which describes the myriad of benefits this products supplies... More giant breed dogs would benefit off this greatly... Our 2nd Great Dane you have aided supported in life with your amazing wholefood formulations ... keep up the good work
I know that you guys will... your love and dedication shines through to the health of animals ... you both have a very beautiful gift.

Love Benjamin's Furparents Joseph & Kathy
Vacaville California
Just an unbelievable supplement. All natural, none of the synthetic additives that you find in basically every other pet supplement. I threw away three of the other products I was using and replaced them with this one supplement. Very pleased with the products from this company.
After using Canine Athlete for the past two weeks my Border Collie looks happier and is moving better than I have ever seen him. This is just an amazing whole food supplement. I highly recommend it to all my fellow agility enthusiasts.
Wow, this is the finest supplement I have come across for my Jack Russell. I had no idea a product like this even existed for animals. I am so glad I met you at the agility trial in Massachusetts!
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