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Bird Toys and Perches

Toys and perches play an important role in the life of your companion bird. Birds need toys for stimulation, eliminating boredom, exercise and keeping their beaks trim. They need varying perches to keep their feet healthy and provide additional stimulation. It is VERY important to vary the diameters of the perches in your bird’s cage for his long term health. As far as toys go, at The Pet Health and Nutrition Center we have an important set of criteria for selecting bird toys to offer our customers. Since birds are inherently small organisms making sure the toys they play with are as natural and free of toxic and dangerous materials is extremely important for their long term health (See: Bird Toy Safe and Unsafe Materials). Also, since birds are very playful, inquisitive creatures it is our job to make sure the materials used and the toys themselves are the safest they can be to prevent unnecessary injuries.

With this in mind we only offer to you those toys consisting of 100% natural ropes, bird safe woods that are dye free or dyed with an FDA approved non-toxic coloring, vegetable tanned leather, un-treated rawhide chews, stainless steel or nickel plated hardware, marbella beads and other safe plastics as well as some other all natural materials. We also limit our selection to those toys that use safer fasteners and other safer components and are designed in such a way to limit the chances of injury to your bird. Please choose toys suited to your bird (see: Choosing the Right Toy for Your Bird), have patience introducing new toys (See: Introducing a New Toy to Your Bird), practice toy safety (See: Bird Toy Safety) and always keep in mind no toy is 100% safe. If there is ever a doubt as to the safety of a toy or how your bird interacts with it, for instance very roughly, remove the toy when you are not at home. Have Fun with your bird and remember these toys are meant to be chewed, destroyed and enjoyed!