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Bird Food

Whole foods, pellets, seeds. How do you properly feed your bird? Well, to start you have to get educated. How do you properly care for your feathered companion without knowing how to do it? Start with some highly recommended books like Holistic Care for Birds or What Happened to my Peanuts?, by Gudrun Maybaum, the creator of Totally Organics Bird Foods. These books will go a long way towards educating you with up-to-date, quality information. You may also read our article Converting Your Bird to a Healthier Diet which will help you switch your bird to a more nutritious diet or encourage him to try new foods.

Here, at The Pet Health and Nutrition Center, we focus on whole foods. The natural antioxidant compounds found in whole foods such as carotenoids, phytochemicals and polyphenols as well as the cofactors, coenzymes, enzymes, micronutrients and trace minerals can not be duplicated in a food science laboratory or commercial manufacturing facility. However, in the end, you will have to decide how to best feed your bird; but please, do not be mislead, it does not appear that even with all the popular "complete" or "fortified" commercial diets that birds in captivity are living even close to their natural life spans. We can all do a lot better, and we feel the best place to start is by offering a variety of whole food nutrition. We provide some top quality special diets made by dedicated and knowledgeable bird people from around the country. Enjoy!