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About The Pet Health and Nutrition Center

Philip Reich, MH

Master Herbalist Diploma

Philip is a Master Herbalist having graduated with honors from a leading accredited healthcare sciences college. The focus of his education and continuing research is to best understand an animal's anatomy and physiology so he can use diet and natural supplementation to maintain or improve their health. Philip firmly believes the best way to maintain an animal's health or mitigate imbalances is to provide the body with what it needs to heal itself. This is in stark contrast to veterinary medicine that typically uses pharmaceutical drugs to relieve symptoms with little regard for the body's own healing abilities. While there is a place for the use of pharmaceutical drugs, Philip's years of experience has shown that the majority of conditions so often seen in our companion animals can be reversed, or greatly alleviated, with the use of natural products used in a holistic fashion.

Maria Reich, CN

Canine Nutrition Certificate

Maria is a certified Canine Nutritionist and her knowledge in this area is quite impressive -  you'll realize this if you ever speak with her. She has also managed a prestigious Afghan Hound kennel and attended college for Canine Science, both of which have added to her decades of experience working with animals. Her specialty is her vast knowledge and experience resulting from her pet health consultations with hundreds of customers over the years. Maria has a special affinity for behavioral issues, and her love of animals, empathy for people and integrity are unrivaled.

Both Philip and Maria:

  • Are certified MAR (Missing Animal Response) Technicians

  • Have valuable experience and knowledge gained from two decades of working using whole food nutrition, nutraceuticals, herbals, homeopathics and other natural healing modalities.

  • Have attended educational seminars with some of the greatest minds in the fields of holistic pet care and positive/gentle training techniques. Philip and Maria will continue to attend educational opportunities around the country as a service to animal companions everywhere and their guardians.

  • Have gained experience and valuable knowledge dealing with various animal disorders such as degenerative myelopathy, skin conditions, arthritis, digestive disorders, allergies, seizures, canine compulsive disorder, thyroid disorders, pancreatic disorders, liver issues, various tick diseases, feline urinary blocking, urinary track infections, kidney disease, spay incontinence, skin cancer including melanoma and other afflictions.

  • Spend a part of every day studying and researching natural animal companion health care in order to assist their customers and will continue to make education a cornerstone of The Pet Health and Nutrition Center.

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