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A Thousand Lifetimes A Thousand Lifetimes

A Thousand Lifetimes Book for Dog Lovers


A Thousand Lifetimes is a book for anybody that loves dogs! A Thousand Lifetimes will resonate with everything you knew, and hoped, was true. Here is the very real story of one woman’s life with rescue animals, and in particular, Celeste — a beloved canine who found a home in the author’s heart and never left. Celeste was plagued with a number of mysterious health problems. But despite being deaf, and being a dog, Celeste was able to communicate everything she was experiencing, thinking, and feeling through Carol, a professional Animal Communicator with the ability to converse with animals telepathically. Together, Celeste and Maria, her human companion, narrate their heroic journey together as spirits intertwined in this lifetime. For those who don’t believe in psychic communication with animals, don’t worry. A Thousand Lifetimes will burrow right into your soul and find where your truth is buried. 

If you ever loved a dog…
If you ever sought a cure…
If you ever believed in a power beyond your understanding…

Maria has spent the last decade helping hundreds of pet parents around the country improve their dog or cat's health.

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Maria, your book is fantastic. It touches every emotion, I laugh through some pages, and cry through some. Thank you both again for your knowledge and expertise.
Thank you for sharing your wonderful story... touched my heart tremendously.
I loved your book! I just finished it and I must say that I hated for it to end! It was so well written and it absolutely touched my soul.
Thank you for sharing your beautiful story about you and Celeste.
I read your book and absolutely LOVED it and your love for sweet Celeste, as well as your other fur babies.
Animal communication is a fascinating phenomenon, but few people understand it. If you’re among the millions of skeptics, Maria Reich’s new book might change your mind. A Thousand Lifetimes: The Story of a Woman and Her Dog – Both Sides of the Tale, is a beautifully written story told from the perspective of the author and her rescued, deaf pit bull, Celeste. Animal communicator Carol Harrison gives voice to Celeste, who meets her forever “mom” when Maria pays a fateful visit to her local animal shelter. The two spend 15 years together before Celeste passes away, after which Maria decides to write a memoir about their journey.
Touching on themes of health, communication and relationships, A Thousand Lifetimes follows Maria as she and her husband immerse themselves in the world of natural wellness. Seeking holistic alternatives to care for their pack of rescue animals, they decide to launch their own natural pet supplement company. But in the hustle to overcome financial burdens, grow their business and tend to the individual health conditions of their animals, they forget to nurture themselves. Love and lives are lost along the way, and between Maria’s own intuition and Carol’s telepathic talents, the truth of how these struggles affect Celeste and her four-legged siblings comes to light.
This bitter-sweet tale is relatable whether you believe in animal communication or not. It’ll tug at your heartstrings, open your eyes to the multifaceted emotions of animals, and open your mind to the idea that the love between humans and animals is eternal.
I loved this touched heart strings.....kept me interested. Once I got into it I was looking forward to getting home and getting back to it. Also how much I learned. I have had dogs all my life and feel like I am going to be a much better pup owner from here on out. Thank you Maria, for your sweet story.
Was absolutely captured by the first 6-page teaser. Beautifully written with a great deal of love and healing intention. Fabulous book!!
Wow, what a wonderful gift this book is to all animal lovers! It really opened my eyes to just how much what I do affects my dogs. Having dogs all my life, I thought I understood them pretty well but this book helps take my understanding to a whole new level. Thank you, Maria, for having the heart and the strength to share your story!
This is a beautiful and honest portrait of how deeply our lives are affected by our pets. And vice versa. I think all pet parents will find pieces of themselves reflected in Maria. If you've ever had a pet with a health condition that you've gone to the ends of the earth to try to find the cause of or the cure for, sometimes it's good to know you aren't the only one. And if you've ever been inspired by your pet or done something to honor them, you'll appreciate this book that much more.
Deeply touching and heartwarming. I was expecting a good story but quickly found so much more. Written from two different perspectives, this book reveals how intelligent, emotionally aware, intuitive, and capable of unconditional love our dogs truly are. I laughed, I cried, and most importantly believe even more deeply that the bond between animals and humans is complex, strong, deeply symbolic, and a true gift for both. Thank you for sharing not only your story, but Celeste’s as well!
Amazing story and must read for all animal lovers.
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