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We have had numerous discussions with clients looking for an alternative to chemical tick products for their dogs and cats. We haven’t had a great alternative until now. Our Tick Protection tincture is comprised of organic herbs with a rich history of safe and effective use. This tincture will naturally support your dog or cat's body to help prevent the tick bites that can transmit disease while providing circulating antimicrobial protection and immune system enhancement as additional safeguards to further protect your dog or cat.

Our Tick Protection tincture is very easy to provide to your dog or cat. Just add to a small amount of special food or squirt directly in your pet's food dish.

A personal story of our experience with topical pesticide treatments...

I will never forget the first, and last, time we used a topical pesticide product. It was on our first dog, Joshua 25 years ago. As young adults in our new home we were desperate and like way too many people thought a topical pesticide product was our only option. We squeezed out the little tube between his shoulder blades and within seconds he began to convulse. We frantically called our veterinarian who told us to try Dawn dish washing detergent (which we fortunately had at the time) and put him in the tub to scrub off the chemicals. It worked and in a short time the seizures stopped. We were lucky enough to have a good outcome to this almost tragedy, but many pet parents are not so lucky. The chemicals in topical flea and tick products can be very dangerous, and even if you do not have an acute episode as we did, the damage can be more insidious over time by damaging your pet's liver and kidneys along with toxicity issues can that can damage the brain and lead to a greater susceptibility to illness.

Our formula makes a safe alternative and has three levels of defense against tick related diseases:

1). The herb neem has a long and rich history of safe usage, especially in its native country India. More and more research is being done on this extraordinary herb that has a very promising future. Studies show that ticks exposed to neem stop feeding. Inclusion of this herb in our formula will help support the body's own natural defenses by helping to prevent the feeding time necessary for a tick to transmit infection to your dog or cat. Studies have also shown that ticks exposed to neem do not lay eggs and this can contribute to a reduction in the tick population on your property.

2). Some species of ticks seem to feed longer than others so we also include the powerful antimicrobial herbs thyme and oregano to provide a second line of defense against tick related illness. If microbes from a tick bite do make it into your pet's blood stream, they will have to face herbal constituents with powerful antimicrobial effects circulating in the blood and ready to support the body's natural defenses to eliminate any threats before they have a chance to become a real problem. Studies have indicated that constituents in thyme and oregano are effective against the bacteria that cause tickborne illnesses.

3). Astragalus and cat's claw are two herbs that enhance immune system function. We feel getting Lyme disease or another tick disease is often related to a poorly functioning immune system. The immune system is your animal's primary line of defense against invading organisms, and when it is not functioning optimally your pet is more likely to become ill. The herbs in our formula will support the ability of your dog or cat's immune system to function at peak efficiency for the entire tick season in your area.

This is a photo of a dead tick we pulled off Doc

Tick Image

A proprietary blend of organic herbs in a 1:4 ratio of herb to menstruum: Neem (Azadiracta indica), Astragalus (Astragalus membranaceus), Cat's claw (Unacaria tomentosa), Thyme (Thymus vulgaris), Oregano (Origanum vulgare), Milk thistle ( Silybum marianum),  Dandelion leaf (Taraxacum officinale).

About the Organic Herbs in this Formula

Neem - Studies show that ticks stop feeding after contact with neem. The inclusion of this herb in our formula will support the body's natural defenses to help prevent the 24-48 hours that a tick needs to transmit disease to your pet.

Astragalus - An adaptogen that helps the body adapt to stress while also supporting immune system function and resistance to disease.

Cat's claw - An effective immune boosting herb with antimicrobial and blood cleansing attributes.

Thyme - A powerful antimicrobial herb with infection fighting qualities.

Oregano - One of the strongest antimicrobial herbs against broad spectrum microorganisms.

Milk thistle - Offers liver protective qualities.

Dandelion leaf - Effective support for the kidneys.

Other Ingredients: Garlic flower essence*, Alcohol
*Fes Flower Essence (www.fesflowers.com)

Provide 1 ml per 50 lbs of animal weight every morning (max 3 ml daily). May be added to food or squirted directly in mouth. Mix with special food/treat if necessary. Start giving 2 weeks before tick season begins (when possible). Discontinue use at end of tick season in your area.
Our Herbal Defense for Dogs is an all-natural flea and tick prevention spray that we feel you will find head and shoulders above other similar products. This special formula features organic herbs and essential oils with unique attributes that will provide protection against the itching, irritation and infection that can be related to flea, tick and mosquito bites.
This product is really spoiling me. It works so well I barely spray my dog anymore. Few ticks and the ones I find are dead or barely moving. After my dog had a reaction to a topical pesticide I applied to her I am very happy a product like this is available.
It took about two weeks or so but all of a sudden I realized I wasn't constantly picking ticks off my dog. I found one the other day and it was dead. I always hated putting Frontline on my dog so I am really glad I found this product.
This stuff works great. My dog hardly gets ticks anymore and when he does I pick them off and they are dead or just about there.
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