The Wholistic Pet Sea Blend: Organic Kelp




The Wholistic Pet Organic Kelp for Pets contains no fillers-just pure, Organic Kelp! The Wholistic Pet Organic Kelp is harvested and processed in Northwest Iceland, close to the Arctic Circle, one of the most pristine environments found worldwide. The fjords are isolated, sparsely populated, and the environment is closely protected. Certified organic by QAI,and TUN.

Kelp uniquely tops the list for the following nutrients: calcium, potassium, magnesium, iron, iodine, and is also very high in sulfur. No fewer than 92 different mineral elements have been found in seaweeds, including some elements which animals require only in trace amounts, but whose presence is nonetheless vital to their complete well-being. Seaweeds contain many times more minerals than land grown plants, as much as 50 times more! Kelp preferentially bio-accumulates all the essential plant-nutrients, rejecting the contaminants, unless the latter totally predominate. The Wholistic Pet Sea Blend, rich in organic kelp harvested from a pristine environment is going to be rich in nutrients and low or absent in contaminants!

The Wholistic Pet Sea Blend: Organic Kelp Benefits

  • Organic!
  • Humane-grade.
  • No fillers or artificial additives.
  • Rich in iodine that supports thyroid hormone production.
  • Harvested from a pristine environment near the Arctic Circle.
  • Contains chlorophyll, naturally chelated minerals, 25 vitamins including Folic Acid, Vitamins A and B12 .
  • The only rich natural source of vegetable Vitamin D.
  • Contains sodium alginate, which actively helps remove radioactive elements and heavy metals from the body.
  • Contains sterols, which are reported to exhibit anti-hypercholesterolemic activity, as has B-Sitosterol in humans.
  • Research results suggest that seaweed extracts stimulated human lymphocytes to proliferate resulting in increased B cell and macrophage activity. This ability could be clinically beneficial for the modulation of immune responses and anti-cancer and anti-tumor benefits.

    The Wholistic Pet Sea Blend: Organic Kelp Details

    Available in an 8oz container.

    The Wholistic Pet Organic Kelp for Pets Ingredients:
    Proprietary blend of certified organic, geothermal-dried Kelp (Species Ascophylum nodosum & Laminaria digitata)

    The Wholistic Pet Organic Kelp for Pets Nutritional Profile
    Crude Protein 8.5 %, Fat 2.0%, Crude Fiber 4%, Moisture 9%, Total Ash (Minerals) 29%, Carbohydrates (Nitrogen free extracts) 47.5%, Iodine content 780 ppm, Iron 622 ppm, Selenium 0.3ppmn, Zinc 12 ppm.
    Amino Acids (% of Total Amino Acids) Alanine 5.52, Lysine 4.24, Arginine 5.4, Methionine 1.07, Aspartic Acid 9.88, Phenylalanine 3.54, Cystine 1.49, Proline 3.71, Glycine 5.70, Serine 4.92, Glutamic Acid 12.03, Threonine 4.60, Histidine 1.29, Tryptophan 1.68, Isoleucine 3.26, Tyrosine 3.52, Leucine 5.63, Valine 3.51.
    Micro Nutrients: Chlorine 0.1 - 1%, Iodine 300 - 700 ppm (winter - summer), Sodium 1 - 3%, Copper 8 - 16 ppm, Potassium 3 - 7%, Zinc 7 - 60 ppm, Sulfur 3 - 4%, Manganese 3 - 50 ppm, Calcium 1 - 6%, Selenium 0.5 - 3 ppm. Plus loads of elements too numerous to list here!

    The Wholistic Pet Organic Kelp for Pets Dosage:
    Daily Dosage: Large Dogs 1 tsp
    Small Dogs 1/2 tsp
    Cats 1/4 tsp
    Birds 1/16 tsp - feed sparingly
    Horses, Sheep, Goats - 1/2oz