The Wholistic Pet Organic Bee Pollen




The Wholistic Pet Organic Bee Pollen is collected from pesticide and chemical-free fields of lush wildflowers in the United States. Bee pollen is a wonderful superfood and makes a great addition to your companions diet! The Wholistic Pet Organic Bee Pollen is human grade and provides your pet with vitamins, minerals, over 5,000 enzymes and coenzymes, and more of nature’s bounty that is yet to be identified!

Bee pollen is an easy way to ensure your animal is getting a wide range of naturally occurring vitamins, amino acids, minerals and enzymes - as nature intended! Just sprinkle on food! Remember, a diet deficient in only one nutrient can result in ill health and disease for your pet!

The Wholistic Pet Organic Bee Pollen Benefits

  • 100% human-grade
  • Organic!
  • Enzymatically active!
  • A wonderful natural supplement for all animals - dogs, cats, birds, rabbits...
  • Bee Pollen is reported to be the nutritionally richest food source known.
  • Bee pollen is rich in all the amino acids, vitamins, minerals and vital trace elements, hormones, carbohydrates, and more than 5000 enzymes and coenzymes necessary for digestion and healing.
  • The protein content of bee-collected pollen averages 20-25%; half are essential free amino acids (complete proteins). Mineral content averages 2.7%.

What is bee pollen?
Bee pollen is the dust-sized male seed of a flower blossom, which collects on the back legs of bees as they move from flower to flower. The honeybee collects pollen and mixes it with its own digestive enzymes. One pollen granule contains from one hundred thousand to five million pollen spores each capable of reproducing its entire species! Bee pollen is one of the oldest food supplements known to mankind, dating back to the early Egyptians and ancient Chinese. Even Hippocrates used it as a healing substance over 2500 years ago! Bee pollen, the food of the young bee, contains all the elements essential to life, elements that act together in synergy and which cannot be synthetically reproduced in laboratories.

Why is bee pollen called Nature’s miracle food?
Bee pollen contains nearly every known nutrient required for a balanced human diet: 22 amino acids (including eight that are “essential” and therefore must be supplied through the diet), 27 minerals, most of the known vitamins, and many enzymes. It is 35% protein (more protein than in eggs, beef or cheese), 40% carbohydrate, and 5% fat. It lacks only roughage and water for totally complete and balanced human health and nutrition. Pee pollen is also naturally high in B vitamins and is often taken for increased energy and vitality. Bee pollen is considered one of nature's most completely nourishing foods!

Why are enzymes so important?
Enzymes control the chemical reactions in the body that are necessary to sustain life. Without enzymes, cells could not function. Things that we take for granted such as being able to metabolize food, having energy, healing, having the ability to digest food, just to name a few, would not be possible without enzymes. Unfortunately, when we cook food, we kill all the enzymes present because enzymes are very heat and light sensitive. Processed foods are devoid of enzymes. Wholistic Bee Power is very rich in live, active enzymes and co-enzymes. Because it is collected from lush fields in the United States and not imported from cheaper sources where product integrity is often compromised through processing and storage, The Wholistic Pet Organic Bee Pollen is rich in all valuable nutrients!

The Wholistic Pet Organic Bee Pollen Details

Available in an 8oz resealable package.

The Wholistic Pet Bee Pollen Ingredients
100% Organic, Human-Grade Bee Pollen Granules - Nature's Miracle Food!

The Wholistic Pet Bee Pollen Dosage Recommendations
Approximately 1/4 tsp per 10lbs. Remember this is a food so dosage recommendations are not exact. For birds sprinkle a few granules on their food.