The Honest Kitchen Pet Nutrition Supplement: Perfect Form


The Honest Kitchen Perfect Form is a all-natural supplement to support the normal healthy functioning of your pet's digestive tract. Herbs, such as slippery elm, found in The Honest Kitchen Perfect Form help to combat gas, facilitate regularity, firm up loose stools, and soothe and protects the GI Tract.

The Honest Kitchen Pet Perfect Form is ideal for animals with Irritable Bowel (IBS), Colitis or occasional digestive upset. We recommend using this supplement in conjunction with a grain-free diet for best results and incorporating a probiotic supplement into your animal's diet as well.

The Honest Kitchen Pet Nutrition Supplement: Perfect Form Benefits

  • All-natural herbs with no additives!
  • Contains herbs that help to better digest food, such as papaya, eliminate gas and soothe an irritated digestive tract.
  • Helps produce firmer stools and regularity so your animal is more comfortable.
  • Easy to use - just mix in water and add to food.

The Honest Kitchen Pet Nutrition Supplement: Perfect Form Details

Available in a 5.5oz container.

The Honest Kitchen Perfect Form Ingredients
fennel, papain, papaya, pumpkin seed, plantain, pectin and slippery elm. .

The Honest Kitchen Perfect Form Dosage
Separate dosage into two servings. Add to Honest Kitchen foods as they soak and rehydrate or mix in warm water and add to other diets.

Animals up to 10lbs - 1/2tsp
10 - 30lbs - 1tsp
30 - 50lbs - 2tsp
50 -70lbs - 2 1/2tsp
70 - 90lbs - 2 3/4tsp

How to use The Honest Kitchen Pet Nutrition Supplement: Perfect Form
Herbal products are not meant to be used every day as food. It is best to give your animal breaks to make sure their body does not adapt to the herbs, making them less effective, and to allow your animal's body to eliminate constituents contained in the herbs so they do not build up to undesirable levels within the body. The following examples pertain to using herbs prophylactically, meaning as a preventative, or for chronic conditions. When using herbs for an acute condition, such as a short term illness, herbs may be used daily, depending on the herb, for a couple of weeks, as long as no undesirable symptoms are displayed. There are different schools of thought on how to best use herbs longer term.

Five days on, two days off
This method is fairly obvious, take the herb for five days and then rest for two and repeat.

Periodic resting
With this method of herbal supplementation you take the herbs for one week then rest for one day; continue for one month then rest for a week; continue for six months then rest for a month.

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