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Sticks Natural Bird Toys

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Sticks Natural Bird Toys feature a bundle of chewable, natural willow sticks in a hardwood cap with nylon hardware. All birds love willow sticks and this Natural Bird Toy is a simple way to offer them to parrots who don't normally like to hold things in their feet. Sticks Natural Bird Toys mount on the side or ceiling of the cage. Birds wittle these down getting valuable exercise and keep their beaks healthy!

The natural needs of your parrot companion to "shred" and "destroy" materials is very important when interacting with toys. Bird toys made with hardwoods and plastics may prove to be long lived but are difficult for many birds to chew. Bird toys that can not be chewed or destroyed do little for beak health and the emotional well being of your bird.

Sticks Natural Bird Toys Details

Natural Bird Toys Size

Sticks Natural Bird Toys are Suitable for:

X-Small Birds: cockatiels, lovebirds, parakeets and parrotlets.
Small Birds: caiques, conures, lories, hawk-headed parrots, pionus, quakers and senegals.
Medium Birds: mini macaws, large conures and small cockatoos.
Large Birds: amazons, eclectus and African greys.