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Softouch Concepts SENSE-ation Harness

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The Softouch Concepts SENSE-ation Harness is the original patented Front-Connection harness and is much more than a no-pull harness! The SENSE-ation Harness was designed to create enjoyable walks and greater companionship. Other products work against positive relationships - they squeeze, hobble, and use restraint to control behavior and some, like head halters, have caused serious neck injuries. Many compassionate trainers blame these other products for increasing tension and anxiety for the dog as well. The SENSE-ation Harness is an extremely intelligent product that has earned Top Harness Ratings and was awarded Gear of the Year by The Whole Dog Journal! You will find The SENSE-ation Harness to be a wonderful tool that will help you gently teach your dog proper on-leash behavior. Included with the SENSE-ation Harness is a detailed instruction booklet. Harness is made with 3/4" webbing.

A tip for using the SENSE-ation Harness
Dogs pull as a natural response to pressure when a leash is pulled backward. The SENSE-ation harness is designed to work with pulling a leash upward, sideways or forward. As long as a leash is not pulled backward, there is an immediate reduction of pulling behavior. Most dogs that have been pullers with other equipment will often forge ahead of their owners in the beginning of using the SENSE-ation Harness.
To prevent forging, start in a quiet place to help your dog focus on his/her sense of touch. We recommend starting with your dog behind you. As you walk forward, pull the leash gently forward and upward (keeping slack out of the leash). If your dog walks past you, start again with the leash shorter.

Softouch Concepts SENSE-ation Harness Details

SENSE-ation Harness Sizes

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Large 32 - 40
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