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Skamper Ramp

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The Skamper Ramp provides animal safety: from dogs to frogs!

The Skamper Ramp is made of strong, lightweight, box-corrugated, ribbed polypropylene plastic. The Skamper Ramp easily attaches to the deck of a pool, walled pond, or even most docks and some boats. Because all living beings see 550nm (white), animals can see the Skamper Ramp day or night and they skamper out on the ramp by themselves! Helps prevent senseless drowning deaths of dogs, cats and wildlife! The Skamper Ramp easily flips out when the pool is in use and flips back in to safeguard your pet when you leave the pool area.

Skamper Ramps are proudly made in the USA with recyclable UV and chemical resistant plastic! Deck and assembly hardware is included. The only additional part you may need and must purchase separately is a 1/4" stainless steel pan-head screw about 1.25" long (and concrete anchor if needed) if you decide to attach the Skamper Ramp to your pool deck surface.

Skamper Ramp Details

Skamper Ramp Sizes

Regular Skamper Ramp - for animals up to 45 lbs.
Measures 25 x 13 x 5 (2.5 lbs. boxed)
Super Skamper Ramp - for animals over 45 lbs or use with most docks and some boats.
Measures 39 x 13 x 5 (3.9 lbs. boxed)

Skamper Ramp Training

We know that dogs are the one animal that needs to be trained to use a Skamper-Ramp. Why? They expect you to rescue/help them! Dogs have become so domesticated over the years that they have lost many of the instincts that enable other animals like cats, rabbits, frogs, etc. to use a Skamper-Ramp without hesitation. These other animals see the ramp leading out of the water, swim over to it and climb out.

Dogs are different. So here are a few tips:
1. It helps to have two people, if possible. One in the water with the dog and one outside behind the ramp. If you are alone, start out in the water and then after a few tries (as follows) get out and position yourself behind the ramp.
2. From the water, stand behind the dog, and guide him to swim toward the ramp, so that he heads toward it straight-on, not from the side/an angle.
3. Help him climb up the first few times, he will probably struggle, flail a bit and even slip around. Remember, he is on plastic and not used to walking on something that is not firm ground! The person outside the water should issue encouragement, call the dog, hold out his favorite treat, praise it, etc.

Please understand, the learning process is not always pretty! Training animals is a skill, and there are people who do this for a living if you do not wish to. What you do want is your dog to use this white ramp as its marker; for how to get out of the water safely.
That means you might want to install it next to the steps at your pool so that your pet swims to the ramp and exits on the steps as you do, or on the ramp either way it gets out. Some dogs are better at getting out than others and some are faster learners. It is simply important for them to just be familiar with the ramp and that it is a means of getting out of the water!

4. Once the dog has gotten up the ramp with your assistance a few times, get out of the water and position yourself behind the ramp and have him come to you on his own. Holding out a treat as an encouragement often helps!
5. As this is something of a trick, and a learned skill, it is good to repeat this training once or twice over swimming season, and also at other times during a year (depending on where you live).
Your dog now knows he can get out of the water using the Skamper Ramp! Even if he is not a big water dog it is helpful for him to understand just in case!