Wagatha's Dog Biscuits

The originators of Wagatha's make it clear that only the very best of offerings would be provided by Wagatha's the company. Wagatha's dog treats would be certified organic, kosher, and made from ingredients you would want to eat yourself. What could attest to quality more than this? The owners of Wagatha's want you to smile every time you reach for Wagatha's extraordinary dog biscuits because it makes your best friend happy.

Wagatha's mission is to celebrate the bonds between people and their dogs.

  • Wagatha's products will exceed industry standards for nutrition and quality.
  • Wagatha's products will be developed with the utmost respect and integrity placing the welfare of pets and their owners foremost.
  • Wagatha's business practices will reflect social, environmental and fiscal responsibility.
  • Wagatha's will donate a percentage of their profits to charitable causes focused on enhancing the quality of life for both pets and humans.
  • Wagatha's will constantly strive to exceed the expectations of their customers (two legged and four).

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