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The Wholistic Pet is situated close to the White Mountains of New Hampshire, where the serenity and purity of nature is a daily experience, so it was only "natural" that The Wholistic Pet and then, Wholistic Organics, would eventually evolve. Based simply on a desire that a healthy lifestyle should encompass our most dependent and devoted family members, our dear pets, The Wholistic Pet catalog of natural products began to take form in 1998.

The Wholistic Pet manufactures only the highest quality of human-grade, holistic nutritional products for all companion animals. As members of NASC (National Animal Supplement Council,) New Hampshire Made, and OTA (Organic Trade Association), The Wholistic Pet specializes in premium, organic pet nutritional supplements all designed solely with your pet's health in mind. The Wholistic Pet wants to ensure good health and a long life for all pets and puts this determination into the formulation of all their products!

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The Wholistic Pet Canine Complete provides a organic, human-grade whole-food vitamin supplement that supplies your dog with a complete array of vitamins, minerals, enzymes, essential fatty acids, powerful antioxidants and digestive microflora!

The Wholistic Pet Organic Bee Pollen is collected from pesticide and chemical-free fields of lush wildflowers. Bee pollen is a wonderful superfood and makes a great addition to your companions diet!


The Wholistic Pet Organic Cranberry Powder (WholeCran Intense) is a natural urinary acidifier that aids in the prevention of alkaline urinary calculi and urinary tract infections. WholeCran Intense is the highest-quality, freeze-dried, Certified Organic cranberry powder available and is obtained from USA cultivated cranberry bogs!


The Wholistic Pet Organic Kelp for Pets contains no fillers-just pure, Organic Kelp! Harvested and processed in Northwest Iceland, close to the Arctic Circle, one of the most pristine environments found worldwide! No fewer than 92 different mineral elements have been found in seaweeds which can contain many times more minerals than land grown plants, as much as 50 times more!