The Honest Kitchen Pet Food

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The Honest Kitchen loves what they do, and they hope your animal companions will love it, too! The Honest Kitchen takes pride in preparing fresh, healthy products that make a meaningful difference in dogs' lives and in our world.

The Honest Kitchen provides natural human-grade dog food products that promote nutritional awareness, environmental responsibility, and a sustainable community. The Honest Kitchen aims to create a stir and provoke change - in individual animals and the pet industry as a whole. They operate with foresight, thoughtfulness, insight and integrity, and will be accountable for all that they do.

At The Honest Kitchen, they believe that their selection of fresh wholesome, human grade foods are much better than the cooked mixture of by-products, fillers and other processed ingredients being served to many unfortunate dogs, day after day.

The Honest Kitchen offers a selection of completely gluten-free, grain-free diets and all their products are guaranteed 100% wheat free.

All of The Honest Kitchen grains are certified organic, their meats are hormone, antibiotic free and their fruits and vegetables are guaranteed non GMO. The Quinoa used by The Honest Kitchen in their dog food is certified fair-trade.

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The Honest Kitchen Perfect Form is an all-natural supplement to support the normal healthy functioning of your pet's digestive tract. Helps to combat gas, facilitate regularity, firm up loose stools, and soothe and protects the GI Tract. Ideal for animals with Irritable Bowel (IBS), Colitis or occasional digestive upset!