Skamper Ramp

Skamper Ramp recognized that every year thousands of animals needlessly drown in pools and walled ponds and lakes. Skamper Ramps were developed because so many consumers asked for a solution that was easy to assemble, safe for vinyl-lined pools, would work for frequent use by most any sized animal including very large pets, and could also be used on floating docks and even for some boats!

With those challenges in mind, along with an intent - as a KISS (Keep It Simple Solution) to an age-old problem, animal water drowning - Skamper Ramp came up with an engineered, blow-molded polyethylene piece that snaps together easily without the need for nuts and bolts!

Skamper Ramps from Skamper Industries have been the recipient of numerous awards and recognized by animal lovers as a wonderful tool to prevent unnecessary accidents. Put a Skamper Ramp on your pool today and save a life!

Skamper Ramp
$55.95   $33.57

The Scamper Ramp attaches to the deck of a pool, walled pond, or even most docks and some boats and provides dogs and other critters with a way to get out of their water entrapment even when no people are around. An important safety device to prevent animal drowning accidents.