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Pop's Pet Products believes in giving your pets only the healthiest products to keep them safe and happy. The people at Pop's Pet Products are animal lovers to the highest degree…and they want to share that love and their products with you and your pets. At Pop’s, they want you to feel like you and your pets are family!

All of Pop’s Pet Products are organic, natural, or eco-conscious, made with the health of animals, and the earth, in mind. They have a mighty mission, to make purchasing their effective and eco-wise pet products as easy and affordable as possible. In addition, they continually strive to better their business practices, reducing their foot and paw prints on the planet.

At Pop’s Pet Products, they’re proud to create a chain of integrity, from using environmentally dedicated farmers, to ingredients that reflect the wisdom of nature, to wonderful bakers and factories that practice responsible manufacturing, to end up with safe and healthful products that you and your pets will enjoy!

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Pop's Insect Away Pet Shampoo is a USDA Certified Organic shampoo for dogs and cats that helps to repel fleas, ticks and other insects. Pop's Insect Away Pet Shampoo has an effective, yet light, lovely scent...and is truly safe for your pet and the environment! This shampoo gets rave reviews from our customers!



Pop's Itch Rescue Pet Shampoo is a USDA Certified Organic shampoo that helps to soothe and heal itchy, sensitive skin. 100% natural, and is made with certified organic oils and naturally extracted botanicals!


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