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Animals Apawthecary Hawthorn Plus Blend is a Herbal Holistic Treatment for Pet Heart and Circulatory Support. This Herbal Pet Remedy is used for circulatory support in dogs and cats that may benefit from the antioxidant and strengthening activities of the three time-honored herbs. Alcohol free!


Animals Apawthecary Herbal Ear Rinse is a safe, all-natural, highly effective herbal pet ear care product for dogs and other animals. Animals Apawthecary Herbal Ear Rinse helps fight bacteria, fungi and mites as it flushes away excess ear wax, dirt, and other debris from the outer ear.


Animals Apawthecary Nettle helps provide support for a healthy upper respiratory tract. Nettle is a nutritious herb with a full complement of vitamins and minerals, though its most beneficial aspect may be its ability to moderate the body's inflammatory response to allergens, thereby limiting the symptoms we commonly refer to as allergies!

Animals Apawthecary OL-Immune Formula is a Herbal Holistic Treatment for Pet Immune System Support. Animals Apawthecary Ol-Immune is used to boost the immune system and provide broad-spectrum antimicrobial activity without compromising digestive flora. Used systemically for a variety of low grade infections. Serves as a better tasting alternative to the Echinacea Goldenseal Formula, especially where cats are concerned.

Animals Apawthecary Phytomucil Blend is a Herbal Holistic Treatment for Pet Gastrointestinal Distress. This Herbal Pet Remedy is used to relieve symptoms of constipation, diarrhea and various forms of gastrointestinal inflammation and is also useful for coughs. The mucilage in the herbs coats and soothes the lining of the respiratory and digestive tracts offering effective relief.

Animals Apawthecary Senior Blend is a Herbal Holistic Tonic for Senior Pet Support. Animals Apawthecary Senior Blend is formulated to strengthen functions in the nervous, digestive, circulatory and immune systems of older dogs and cats. Senior Blend is often used as a tonic in animals with diminished kidney function.

Animals Apawthecary Spring Allergy Tonic is a Herbal Holistic Treatment to support an animal with seasonal allergy symptoms. Features herbal extracts renowned for their anti-inflammatory and blood cleansing attributes that help maintain a healthy inflammatory response to allergens!

Animals Apawthecary Tinkle Tonic is an Herbal Holistic Treatment for Pet Urinary Tract Support that contains ethically wildcrafted and organic herbs that soothe, lubricate, fight infection and reduce inflammation in the urinary tract and aid with the removal of urinary crystals*. Alcohol free.

Animals Apawthecary Tranquility Blend is a Herbal Holistic Treatment for Pet Anxiety. Used to safely calm dogs, cats, and other animals during acute episodes of anxiety, such as those encountered during car trips, thunderstorms, visits to the groomer, etc, without diminishing alertness. Alcohol free.

Animals Apawthecary Vitality Blend is a Herbal Holistic Treatment for Pet Immune System Support. Used to boost immunity and improve the body's response to stress. The Vitality Blend is used for working dogs, show animals, old and debilitated animals and as a preventative prior to boarding. Alcohol free.


Our Antimicrobial Formula is the ultimate herbal blend for boosting your dog or cat's immune system and assisting their body with eliminating pathogenic organisms. Formulated using organic herbs, this blend supports the body's own immune response against Giardia, Salmonella and other bacteria, fungi and viruses that are common causes of diarrhea and other illnesses in our pets.

Aunt Jeni's Allergy Aid helps to make your pet more resistant to the most common triggers of allergic reactions. Assists in giving your pet long term relief from pet allergies naturally, without dependence upon painful shots or harmful steroids.


Aunt Jeni's Food Enhancer is a healthy, all-natural way to enhance the appetite of ill or finicky pets, encouraging them to eat their food or use when transitioning to a new diet!


Aunt Jeni's Home Made 4 Life Raw Cat & Ferret Food is designed to be a complete diet and features Bell and Evans poultry, certified organic beef and all meat is hormone and antibiotic free! A wonderfully healthy diet for obligate carnivores like cats and ferrets!

Aunt Jeni's Snackers Pet Treats are protein-rich & grain-free! Featuring novel protein sources that add variety and excitement to your animal's daily menu and may benefit allergic and sensitive pets!

Bach Rescue Remedy for Pets is a new alcohol-free flower essences formula from Bach. Bach Rescue Remedy works wonders for dogs and other animals that have suffered a trauma, are stressed or anxious or fearful of thunder and fireworks. Product of England.