Fleabusters is dedicated to helping you eliminate pesky flea problems with their patented Rx for Fleas Powder. The Fleabusters powder is registered with both the Federal Environmental Protection Agency and State Agencies.

The Rx for Fleas Plus powder is a Sodium-PolyBorate with a neutral PH of 7.0, that is very different chemically, and is much preferred, to products made of 100% Boric Acid. It acts as a desiccant when any of the microscopic particles of the negatively charged powder come in contact with flea larvae, pupa or eggs.

If you are like us, and you don't want to place chemicals on your animals, Fleabusters is the most effective method of eliminating fleas. Fleabusters will keep your pets and family members free of fleas for up to one year with one treatment! A popular and effective flea control product!

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