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Earth Animal offers natural products for your canine companion. At Earth Animal they believe that nutrition is best derived from whole foods, and that natural products are the best alternatives to chemicals. Earth Animal's flea and tick products provide natural flea and tick control and make a great substitute for those chemical topical products. Their natural vitamin supplements are a healthy alternative to synthetic vitamin supplements. At Earth Animal they care about animals and we are happy they make available these special products for all of us to share with our animals!

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No More Fleas Herbal Flea Remedy is an herbal tincture formulated with bitter, alkaline and nourishing herbs with a pleasing addition of soothing flower essences. Features herbs traditionally used to keep the blood bitter, alkaline and well nourished, and to naturally assist the body in its defense against fleas.


Nutritious Internal Flea and Tick Powder is a special blend of dark brewer's yeast, garlic, B vitamins, minerals and special nutrients that work together synergistically and more effectively for fleas than yeast and garlic alone. A healthy, natural way to control fleas!