Dr. Rose's Remedies

Dr. Rose's Remedies was developed by Dr. Rose DiLeva, a conventionally trained veterinarian who began her journey at the University of Pennsylvania. Dr. Rose is certified in Chinese Herbology, Acupuncture, Traditional Chinese Medicine and Chiropractic treatments. In her practice she saw a need for a natural, safe alternative to steroids to help the plethora of skin issues she was seeing.

With her training in Herbology she knew just what to do! She researched Chinese, American and Indian herbs, many of which she was already using in her practice, and began developing her Dr. Rose's Remedies Healing Salve. Dr. Rose started out in her kitchen, making different batches with different ingredients, testing out what worked better than before. All this work and study lead to Dr. Rose's Remedies, a wonderfully effective, natural healing salve!

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