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Unlike the marketing and multinational companies that sell (but don't actually make) today's pet foods, Champion Pet Foods stands apart as a family-owned producer with a mission that is simple and strong - MAKE THE BEST DOG FOODS. Located in the heart of Alberta's prairie farmlands, Champion Pet Foods is a reputable producer of high quality dog and cat foods that have been exported worldwide since 1975.

Different from the typical "meal and grain" diets, Champion Pet Foods formulas start from fresh regional ingredients like fresh chicken and whole eggs produced on local prairie farms, lake whitefish - freshly caught from the icy depths of northern Canadian lakes, and salmon, cranberries and apples from Pacific coast oceans and orchards.

Using a proprietary, low-temperature (90C) processing method, Champion Pet Foods steam-cooks their fresh ingredients in small batches to preserve their natural goodness and delicious taste.

Perhaps what sets Champion Pet Foods most apart is their deep passion for dogs and cats from all walks of life. After all, it is with their own dogs and cats in mind that they created Champion Pet Foods - products that truly put the optimal nourishment of dogs and cats above all else - a food they proudly call "CANADA'S BEST".

Champion Pet Foods formulates Orijen Dog Food and Acana Dog Food, our most highly rated dry dog foods!


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