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The Bravo Dog Food line of fresh frozen raw dog food products is a success story based upon a few "no compromise" ideas that have propelled Bravo Raw Food Diet products to the forefront of the "raw food diet revolution". Bravo believes:

Pets are family! Dogs provide us with comfort, love, friendship and fun. These important family members deserve the best food we can give them.

Quality counts! Every ingredient in a Bravo Raw Food Diet or in a Bravo Bonus Bite treat is carefully selected for quality and freshness. With Bravo Raw Dog Food, your dog gets the kind of meats your companion carnivores need and love.

Simple is Better! Bravo is in the "raw" dog food business because they know that when it comes to sound nutrition less is more. That is why Bravo Raw Food Diet formulas contain only single proteins. And with no more than just 4 ingredients in any one of the Bravo Raw Dog Food products, animals with sensitive stomachs often flourish without any further symptoms or discomfort. Bravo Raw Dog Food is made from fresh ingredients and flash frozen to preserve that freshness. Bravo does not add preservatives or chemicals or any kind of artificial color or flavoring to their dog food.

Bravo! Cares! Even though Bravo is one of the top three and fastest growing raw dog food diet companies in the country, Bravo! is still a small business based on family values. And as Bravo continues to grow, their commitment to quality and purity will remain the simple idea at the heart of every Bravo Raw Food Diet product!

Bravo Bonus Bites Freeze Dried Pet Treats are delicious all-meat treats your dog, cat or ferret will love! Bravo Bonus Bites are simple, one ingredient treats that are grain free and do not contain any additives whatsoever! Make a healthy, grain-free alternative to the typical commercial pet treats.

Bravo Dog Chews: Bully Sticks are the always popular natural beef tendon that make a nice satisfying natural dog chew. Make a healthy alternative to imported and chemically preserved and flavored chews, bones and raw hides found elsewhere!


Bravo Dog Chews: Dried Beef Trachea are a different textured chew dogs really enjoy. Made with natural beef trachea for a nice lite but tough natural dog chew. Bravo makes these natural dog chews in their own USDA inspected facility using human grade beef.


Bravo Training Treats are the perfect size all natural treats.  Regular training, as well as daily treating, almost always involves the use of lots of treats. The typical grocery store treat is loaded with grains and preservatives and it is not healthy. Fed in quantity, over time, they can lead to unwanted and unintended health problems.  Bravo! Training Treats are a healthy treat for use when you train, or as a nutritious every day reward for simply being a “good dog.”