Aunt Jeni's Home Made

Aunt Jeni's Home Made is a nutritionally complete diet and has been carefully formulated and analyzed by qualified, degreed, experienced animal nutritionists not only to meet but to exceed CVMA, NRC, and AAFCO requirements. The ingredients chosen by Aunt Jeni's have been carefully selected to provide superior, essential nutrition for your dogs and cats. All the ingredients Aunt Jeni's uses are human-grade and are personally inspected for freshness and quality to ensure that your dog and cat will receive optimal nutrition from Aunt Jeni's products. All of Aunt Jenis Home Made  meats and poultries are from animals that are free-range, grass-fed, humanely raised and killed, non-medicated (no growth hormones or antibiotics), USDA inspected, graded for human consumption and come from farms following the guidelines for organically raised meat under current USDA and NOS regulations. Aunt Jenis Home Made non-meat ingredients come from small, local, eco-friendly farms.

Aunt Jenis Home Made is a top-of-the line natural raw dog and cat food and does not use any synthetic vitamins to achieve its nutritional goals, instead deriving them from whole food sources. Home Made 4 Life contains NO PRESERVATIVES, NO ADDITIVES, NO SALT, NO SUGARS, NO CHEMICALS, NO FILLERS. In short, there is nothing "unnatural" about Aunt Jeni's Pet Food!

We have fed our dogs and cats Aunt Jenis Home Made Dog Food for over a decade now. A favorite of ours!