Repair and Strengthen


Our Repair and Strengthen has been formulated to repair damage done to the digestive tract and help build lean muscle. This formula was created for the many clients we have worked with that have a long history of NSAIDs or corticosteroid use. These drugs damage the lining of the digestive tract leading to complications from Leaky Gut Syndrome and in severe cases lead to ulceration of the gastric mucosa and anemia. Thousands of people and animals die each year due to complications from the use of these drugs and resulting internal hemorrhage. This product is also wonderful for debilitated animals that need extra nutrition to help strengthen their immune system and/or build lean muscle mass.

This product is a one of a kind, formulated by Master Herbalist Philip Reich. It contains colostrum for its anti-inflammatory proline-rich polypeptides and tissue repairing growth factors, special cold-processed whey protein for its immune boosting properties and glutamine content (an important nutrient for repairing the cells that line the GI tract) and freeze-dried organic aloe vera for its wound healing qualities.

What is Leaky Gut Syndrome?

We have developed this formula to help dogs and cats suffering from leaky gut syndrome, muscle wasting, digestive tract issues and other degenerative conditions. Often, as a result of frequent antibiotic or NSAID usage, or due to an overall poor diet, an animal’s digestive tract lining can become damaged and porous leading to nutrients seeping through into the blood stream. This is known as Leaky Gut Syndrome and is responsible for many inflammatory conditions seen throughout the body and digestive tract. The components in this all natural formula have been shown in research to provide nutrients to heal the digestive tract and contribute to healthy levels of lean muscle mass.

Available in a 90 gram container

What to look for in a product like this:

Real 6 Hour Colostrum

It is important that a product uses real colostrum, not a standardized product or transitional milk marketed as colostrum. Colostrum has unique healing attributes that are present in a 100% natural, low-heat dried, quality product like ours. Colostrum has proline-rich polypeptides similar to those found in hydrolized white fish products like Seacure®. Our concern with these products is the mercury and other contaminants found in these fish. Our colostrum has tested organic being free of herbicides, pesticides, hormones, antibiotics and steroids.

Cold Processed Whey Protein

Whey protein is a rich source of glutamine, an amino acid that plays a large role in healing damage done to the digestive tract. Whey protein isolate also plays an important role in strengthening the immune system and building lean muscle mass. Unfortunately, most of the whey protein on the market comes from factory farmed cows, is heat processed and contains artificial sweeteners and other additives. Our whey protein isolate is cold processed from raw milk and comes from grass-fed cows that are not given any hormones. It is undenatured delivering the crucial amino acids for cellular repair, growth, and glutathione production. It is a top-of-the-line product!

Freeze-Dried Aloe Vera

Aloe vera contains polysaccharides with powerful wound healing abilities. Because of these polysaccharides, most aloe vera products have to contain a preservative, usually sodium benzoate or potassium sorbate - ours does not because it is freeze-dreid! Dogs and cats do not need any added chemicals in their diets, especially those animals that are struggling. Cats especially have a problem with these preservatives and will usually vomit if ingested. The best way to get a shelf stable product is through freeze-drying. This process safely and naturally preserves the plants nutrients virtually 100% intact. Our aloe vera is organically grown and processed in the USA. It is aloin-free so your animals will not have any laxative effects associated with whole leaf aloe vera.

Whey Protein Isolate, Colostrum, Organic Aloe (Aloe barbadensis)

Inactive Ingredients - None

About the All Natural Ingredients in this Formula

Whey Protein Isolate - The highest quality, cold-processed, 100% pure whey protein isolate from grass fed cows provides the crucial amino acids for cellular repair, growth, and glutathione production. A concentrated source of glutamine, which research has shown helps repair GI Tract damage and inflammation. Whey protein isolate is very low in lactose and fat (unlike whey protein concentrate).
Colostrum - The highest quality colostrum you can buy. True 6-hour colostrum from grass fed cows free of herbicides, pesticides, antibiotics and hormones. Provides anti-inflammatory proline-rich polypeptides, immunoglobulins and growth factors that contribute to  healing the cells that line the digestive tract.
Aloe Vera - Our organic, freeze-dried, preservative-free aloe helps soothe and heal irritations and injury to the digestive tract. Aloin/Anthraquinone Free!


Provide 1/2 tsp per 20 lbs twice daily. Optimally, it is best to provide this remedy 5 or 10 minutes before meals but it can be added directly to food also. First thing in the morning before breakfast and in the evening before dinner. Mix with a small amount of warm water (enough to turn into a liquid paste) prior to serving. Your dog or cat may eat this all on his/her own which is best, or you may have to mix it with a little yogurt, cottage cheese or favorite food.

For More Intensive Usage
May slowly work up to twice the suggested maintenance dosage above over a few days as your animal adjusts.

For long term use take one or two days off per week.

Caution: Consult with a holistic practitioner if your animal’s condition worsens. Use only as directed on label. Store at room temperature away from heat and moisture. For use in dogs and cats.


Our High Potency Digestive Enzyme and Probiotic Formula has been created specifically for dogs and cats. It is formulated with higher amounts of the enzymes and probiotics needed to help your animals properly digest raw food, kibble, canned and home-prepared diets. This is a superior enzyme formula with 13 specialized enzyme strains and the addition of 5 billion CFU per gram of 13 species of beneficial bacteria.


Our Liquid Probiotic Formula ushers in a new era of probiotic supplementation for dogs and cats. This pet probiotic supplement features 12 live and active lactic acid probiotic cultures. These cultures are not freeze-dried, as with most probiotic supplements, but instead are living and thriving in a nutrient rich lactic acid liquid known as a microbial consortia.

Our Female Daily Vitality Blend is the finest organic, all-natural, multivitamin and antioxidant formula available for your dogs and cats. In addition to the organic, whole food ingredients that provide tonifying support for individual organ systems, are two specific herbs called Black cohosh root (Cimicifuga racemosa) and Vitex (Vitex agnus-castus) included specifically to support balanced hormone levels in your female companion. We prefer getting nutrition from whole foods as opposed to synthetic vitamins for many reasons, and this formula does just that!


Our Male Daily Vitality Blend is the finest organic, all-natural, multivitamin and antioxidant formula available for your dogs and cats. In addition to the organic, whole food ingredients that provide tonifying support for individual organ systems, is a specific herb called Saw Palmetto (Serenoa repens) included specifically to support balanced hormone levels in your male companion. We prefer getting nutrition from whole foods as opposed to synthetic vitamins for many reasons, and this formula does just that!


BioPreparation is a very special nutritional supplement for animals FAR superior to ordinary manufactured vitamin supplements! This is the original formula developed and tested with over 20 animal species.  An all-natural, whole food product composed with four of the most nutrient dense algae found on earth.

Follow the links below to view Natural Pet Health Protocols in which this product is included. We have created these protocols using our years of experience working with dogs and cats. Protocols are a group of supplements that work together to help support weak organs and glands and improve overall health. They can be very powerful at solving many pet health complaints and often result in true healing. We feel they are a much better alternative to medications that basically just suppress symptoms and often have many serious side-effects. There may be a time and place for prescription drugs, however we feel that time is after a safer and more natural approach has been tried.

Inflammatory Bowel Disease


We just started using this for our 9 year old girl Gunner who has had periodic stomach upset for several years. We started her on raw food and made the mistake of mixing it with kibble which, after talking with Maria we realized that was the worst thing to do for a dog that has low stomach acid. Additionally, the raw food we tried her on had plant matter, which is hard to break down in conjunction with all that raw protein. We started her on a diet suggested by Maria, and introduced Gunner to this supplement. Gunner had thrown up multiple times the day before we started this, and after her first dose the next days food was kept down successfully, without upset for the first time in a while. This low stomach acid issue is something our vet was never able to point out to us, and with just some time spent on the phone with Maria she was able to deduce the real issue. I look forward to the continued progress on this supplement, and am seriously the most grateful to have a resource like Maria just a phone call away. Here in Texas we don't have a lot of holistic resources near us, and Maria has helped us get the dogs on the right track and address any issues that arise as we come across them. Every product we've tried from here the dogs have loved so much they will even lick the residuals from their bowls, instead of running and hiding like they did with so many other supplements we've tried along the way. We couldn't be happier!
For three years, my 16 year old cat has been chronically ill with liver disease and IBD. I have been able to get her off of steroids with a holistic vet, a better diet and good supplements, but she still has episodes of digestive upset that are harder each time for her to recover from. I decided to try Repair and Strengthen and within 2 weeks, she has improved dramatically. She is putting on a bit of weight and her energy and appetite have improved dramatically. I also use Pet Health and Nutrition Center's digestive enzymes and Biopreparation. Together, this combination is working great for her. Thank you.
Has made such a huge difference in my Lucy's ability to absorb nutrients and supplements to improve her condition.
I have a little Boston Terrier that was very fussy and just not eating well. She was also steadily loosing weight. I called and spoke with Maria and she recommended this product along with the digestive enzymes. Well, I can't even begin to tell you the difference in my little girl. She just gets all excited when it is time to eat, which she hasn't done in the longest time, and there is a noticeable difference in her behavior and enthusiasm. I highly recommend this product to everyone that has a dog that is very finicky and doesn't seem to like their food because it may not be just the food but the fact that their tummy doesn't feel well
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