Pickapart Natural Bird Toys

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Pickapart Natural Bird Toys are multifunctional, natural twig balls stuffed with sea grass, abaca and coconut fibers. Your bird can roll Pickapart Natural Bird Toys, carry them around the house, or work on extracting the enticing bits that hide within. You can also add bits and pieces of anything that your bird enjoys to these Natural Bird Toys, making it even more fun to discover what's peeking out at them!

The natural needs of your parrot companion to "shred" and "destroy" materials is very important when interacting with toys. Bird toys made with hardwoods and plastics may prove to be long lived but are difficult for many birds to chew. Bird toys that can not be chewed or destroyed do little for beak health and the emotional well being of your bird.

Pickapart Natural Bird Toys Details

MEDIUM Pickapart


Suitable for:

Medium Birds: mini macaws, large conures and small cockatoos.
Large Birds: amazons, eclectus and African greys.

LARGE Pickapart


Suitable for:

Large Birds: amazons, eclectus and African greys.
X-Large Birds: large amazons, macaws and large cockatoos.