Pet Power Cartilage Formula




The Pet Power Cartilage Formula helps maintain the health of your pet's joints and is especially helpful when arthritis and bursitis appear with old age. This formula contains anti-inflammatory herbs along with bromelain so it can be very helpful when painful joint conditions exist. The Pet Power Cartilage Formula also contains Superoxide Dismutase, a powerful antioxidant which benefits animals of all ages but especially geriatric pets. The naturally liver-flavored chewable tablet makes this product well accepted by most animals.

The most effective means of addressing joint health issues are Glucosamine-based nutritional products. Many veterinarians are advocating these products as opposed to drug therapy. But the products that most veterinarians prescribe are so expensive that for most people they are cost-prohibitive. Many top pet care specialists have been pleasantly surprised to find that PET POWER Cartilage Formula is more effective than even the most expensive pet joint products on the market. The main reason is that, this formula does not contain just Glucosamine - it also contains some of the best nutrients available for joint health. Their chewable liver-flavored Cartilage Formula tablets contain Glucosamine, Bromelain and Superoxide Dismutase mixed in a nutrient rich base of Bee Pollen, Bone Meal, Lecithin, Niacin, Beta Carotene, tumeric, Mullein, Liver Powder and Gelatin Protein.

Here's the surprising part: When Pet Power priced their joint nutritional product they started from the knowledge that a joint problem is a life-long problem for your canine, feline or other pet. They know that cost is an important consideration. A 120 tablet bottle of their Cartilage Formula is a thirty day supply for an eighty pound dog. So, Pet Power not only made Cartilage Formula the best product on the market, they also made it the most affordable!

Pet Power Cartilage Formula contains Bromelain not found in most brands. Bromelain is an efftive anti-inflammatory agent which provides important benefits to humans or animals.

Pet Power uses ONLY Pharmaceutical Grade glucosamine rather than the cheaper off shore manufactured glucosamine that many manufacturers are using. Pet Power's effectiveness is unsurpassed in the pet supplement market because of Pet Power's attention to quality including the use of the highest quality ingredients.

Pet Power Cartilage Formula Details

Contains 120 1000mg tablets.

Brewers yeast, Glucosamine HCL (150mg), Bee Pollen (150mg), Mullein (50mg), Tumeric (50mg), Superoxide dismutase (50mg), Bromelain (40mg), Lecithin (30mg), Niacin (20mg) and Beta Carotene (150IU).
Inactive Ingredients: Whey, Stearic Acid, Silica, Liver powder concentrate.

Suggested Use
1-2 tablets per every 40lbs of body weight. Start with a higher dosage and then find the dosage that does the best for your pet.