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Enjoy a personal, online Pet Health Consultation with Philip Reich via email. Philip is a certified Master Herbalist having graduated with Honors from a leading accredited Healthcare Sciences institution. He is becoming widely recognized as a successful, dedicated source of guidance that helps pet parents from all parts of the country.

Philip is referred to as a UCAMP. He is an unlicensed complimentary alternative medicine provider. Being such he is not guided by a rigid ideology as your veterinarian might be, but instead is knowledgeable and open to all aspects of the healing sciences. He is holistically focused, meaning he looks at the whole picture including diet, supplementation, environment and your pet's current allopathic/veterinary health care as all play a role in your animal's current health challenges and ability to get better.

Philip will guide you through your animal's health challenge(s) or act as a educational resource to answer any questions you have or educate you on a topic of your choice. Philip's specialties include all aspects of anatomy and physiology as well as natural, holistic pet health protocols which he has created after working with hundreds of animals just like yours. Philip spends an average of 2 - 3 hours on each consultation, and makes his fee very affordable so those on tighter budgets are not excluded.

In your holistic pet health protocol specifically for your dog or cat Philip will:

  • Explain your veterinarian's current allopathic suggestions along with the pros and cons of the medications or course of action your veterinarian is currently recommending

  • Provide a recommended diet and the reasons why this diet is the best suited for your particular animal especially when dealing with a particular health issue

  • Provide you with a safe, natural, holistic protocol to help alleviate any uncomfortable symptoms and provide your animal's body with what it needs to heal

  • Provide a shopping list containing product suggestions with detailed explanations as to why these particular products will benefit your dog or cat

  • Explain the most likely causes of your pet's illness so they can be avoided in the future

  • Explain how your animal's body works so you can better understand what is going on with your pet

To get started now, purchase your personal holistic pet health consultation. Within 24 hrs (on business days) you will receive a form requesting detailed information about your dog or cat via email, so it is important to check your inbox after purchasing this consultation. Then, within 24-48 hrs in your email inbox, you will receive your detailed, personal holistic pet health protocol specifically for your animal. If this is an emergency please indicate so in the "notes" box on the shipping confirmation page and we will try to expedite your consultation.

An exciting and rewarding experience lies ahead. Let's get started improving your pet's health and enjoyment of life! As always. our priority here at The Pet Health and Nutrition Center is your pet's wellness!



Philip and Maria are totally awesome. Maria has helped me in the past with one of my other sheltie's. She recently told me about the pet consultation. I emailed Philip a lengthily email of my sheltie's history. He recommended many different products and food for my dog Lexie. I took his advise and switched over to a raw diet. I really have already noticed a change. Philip and Maria are very caring people, trust me you won't go wrong purchasing any of their products or emailing them for help.
We cannot thank Phil enough for the complete nutritional and holistic program that he has compiled for our 10 year old Boston Terrier, Isabella.
Isabella suffers from colitis, IBS, GERD, and arthritis. We tried every prescription, home and commercial dog food to no avail. Isabella would continually refuse to eat, and her health was deteriorating. Phil to the rescue! He is the only person who understands what your animal needs. Isabella has improved 100% since Phil prepared a detailed regime for her. For the first time in her life, she is actually eating on her own without any prodding on our part!! In fact, her whole demeanor has improved. Our little girl is now on the road to recovery, and an improved well-being thanks to Phil!! THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! Your biggest fans,
Cindy, Wayne and Isabella

My husband and I rescued a 1 ½ year old male German shepherd about eight years ago, we named him Sergeant. He came to us with many health problems including allergies to a host of food products. His ears would become infected, his paws turned red and he scratched and gnawed at himself constantly and he lived on daily pain medication. About five years ago our vet sent a blood sample to a lab in California and we started Sergeant on a series of allergy shots, which I hate giving to him. We spent a large amount of money to try to find healthy foods and good medications to make his life comfortable. I have been making purchases at The Pet Health and Nutrition Center for the past several years. After speaking with Philip I purchased their Colostrum, Systemic Enzyme Formula and the liquid Probiotic Formula. Within two weeks Sergeant’s ears cleared, his paws looked normal, he stopped licking, scratching and gnawing and we now use less pain meds. Our eight year old German shepherd, Sergeant, is now living a more normal life thanks to Phil and The Pet Health and Nutrition Center and I wanted others to know about it. My name is Kathleen.
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