Dog Treats

Looking for standard wheat-based dog biscuits? You won't find them here! Your companion may be getting too much cheap grain in his dog food (hopefully, you don't feed that food!) and is certainly better off not getting any in his treats. In addition to the low cost, nutrient deficient, processed grains found in most commercial dog treats, have you ever taken a look at the ingredient panel to see what is lurking there? If you haven't you certainly should. Read More about Dog Treats »

Aunt Jeni's Food Enhancer is a healthy, all-natural way to enhance the appetite of ill or finicky pets, encouraging them to eat their food or use when transitioning to a new diet!


Aunt Jeni's Snackers Pet Treats are protein-rich & grain-free! Featuring novel protein sources that add variety and excitement to your animal's daily menu and may benefit allergic and sensitive pets!

Bravo Bonus Bites Freeze Dried Pet Treats are delicious all-meat treats your dog, cat or ferret will love! Bravo Bonus Bites are simple, one ingredient treats that are grain free and do not contain any additives whatsoever! Make a healthy, grain-free alternative to the typical commercial pet treats.

Bravo Dog Chews: Bully Sticks are the always popular natural beef tendon that make a nice satisfying natural dog chew. Make a healthy alternative to imported and chemically preserved and flavored chews, bones and raw hides found elsewhere!


Bravo Dog Chews: Dried Beef Trachea are a different textured chew dogs really enjoy. Made with natural beef trachea for a nice lite but tough natural dog chew. Bravo makes these natural dog chews in their own USDA inspected facility using human grade beef.


Bravo Training Treats are the perfect size all natural treats.  Regular training, as well as daily treating, almost always involves the use of lots of treats. The typical grocery store treat is loaded with grains and preservatives and it is not healthy. Fed in quantity, over time, they can lead to unwanted and unintended health problems.  Bravo! Training Treats are a healthy treat for use when you train, or as a nutritious every day reward for simply being a “good dog.” 

Cheese Please

Dogs love cheese and Real Food Toppers Cheese Please is the healthiest and most wholesome way for them to enjoy pure cheese! Cheese Please starts with real Wisconsin cheese that is produced with low salt and is 99% lactose free, which is then crumbled and baked. Nothing else is added making it healthier than supermarket cheese!

Plato Dog Treats

Plato Dog Treats provide a healthy alternative to highly processed dog treats! Featuring delicious meats that do not include any artificial additives, only organic, natural and premium ingredients. These tasty dog treats are great for nutritious snacking and are easily broken into pieces to use as dog training treats!