No More Ticks Herbal Tick Remedy




No More Ticks Herbal Tick Remedy contains powerful herbals traditionally used to naturally help ward off ticks and address the symptoms associated with tick bites and related tick-borne diseases. Begin using a couple of weeks before, and throughout, tick season.

No More Ticks Herbal Tick Remedy Details

Available in a 2oz tincture.

No More Ticks Herbal Tick Remedy Ingredients
Organically grown or respectfully wildcrafted - Garlic, Yerba Santa, Goldenrod, Tobacco with Flower Essences of Tansy, Broccoli, Elder, B-1, Zucchini for Emotional Balance in glycerin, alcohol and filtered water.

How to use Herbs
Herbal products are not meant to be used every day as food. It is best to give your animal breaks to make sure their body does not adapt to the herbs, making them less effective, and to allow your animal's body to eliminate constituents contained in the herbs so they do not build up to undesirable levels within the body. The following examples pertain to using herbs prophylactically, meaning as a preventative, or for chronic conditions. When using herbs for an acute condition, such as a short term illness, herbs may be used daily, depending on the herb, for a couple of weeks, as long as no undesirable symptoms are displayed. There are different schools of thought on how to best use herbs longer term.

Five days on, two days off
This method is fairly obvious, take the herb for five days and then rest for two and repeat.

Periodic resting
With this method of herbal supplementation you take the herbs for one week then rest for one day; continue for one month then rest for a week; continue for six months then rest for a month.

Use only during tick season is recommended.

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My boyfriend and I add this to our dog's diet when things start to warm up in New Jersey and we start to see some ticks. Our dog doesn't get even a fraction of the ticks he used to so we think it really works and will keep on using it.