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Dog Natural Flea and Tick Control Treatments are effective and safe for your pets when used properly. When you use natural flea and tick controls you can feel confident you are doing the right thing for your dogs and the rest of your family as well. Natural flea and tick treatments for dogs are going to offer protection, but have less harmful side effects when compared to topical flea and tick pesticides. If you are interested, we have one of the finest selections of natural flea and tick control treatment selections available online directly below this introduction.

Topical pesticide products used to kill fleas and ticks utilize chemicals that are toxic to the brain and nervous system, disrupt your pet's hormone (endocrine) system and can cause cancer. Testing of these topical flea and tick pesticide products does not go on for more than 90 days, making your pets virtual guinea pigs, because no one really knows the long term consequences of using topical spot-on products. There is an online topical flea and tick product chat room that depicts some of the experiences users of spot-on products have encountered. The EPA is just now recognizing the dangers of these topical pesticide products for fleas and ticks and is finally requiring more extensive label warnings. However, at the same time they are now allowing these products to be sold over-the-counter at pet shops that once could only be purchased at the veterinarian's office.

Unfortunately, most dogs and cats do no fall over dead at the time of application of these topical flea and tick pesticides. I say,"unfortunately" because the problems these products cause can be much more insidious and if the animals fell over dead right away they would no longer be on the market. A majority of animals, though, do exhibit a wide range of adverse events within hours of being treated with an application of a flea and tick pesticide product. In our store we see unwanted symptoms in animals on a weekly basis that can be traced back to the use of a topical flea and tick product. In other words, an animal was perfectly fine and within minutes to a couple of weeks after the application of a chemical flea and tick treatment the animal begins to experience adverse symptoms such as diarrhea, vomiting, tremors or lethargy. Often, these symptoms take on the form of chronic illness, such as skin imbalances, and are not associated with the use of the flea pesticide products. Even when acute, sudden onset symptoms are seen, veterinarians often pontificate as to the inducement of the unwelcome symptoms being caused by something else and unrelated to the recent use of a topical flea pesticide.

Natural flea and tick control treatmentss for dogs are a much safer alternative to topical pesticide products. They use effective, natural ingredients (always read the ingredient panel!) and are easy to apply to your dog or cat or add to their food. All natural products may use garlic, herbs that strengthen the blood and skin such as red clover or burdock root or they may be comprised of essential oils that repel fleas and ticks when applied externally to your pet. Since any family member can be affected by contact with an animal to which a topical flea and tick pesticide treatment has been applied, your whole family will be better off when you choose to use natural dog flea and tick control treatments!

We are a leading retailer of natural dog flea and tick control treatments! You won't find any gimmicky pet flea and tick products here or ones with misleading labeling for that matter. Only natural and organic products to control fleas and ticks for your dog that are safe for the entire family!