Allergy Relief Formula


Our Allergy Relief Formula helps to reduce symptoms associated with allergies in dogs and cats. Formulated by a certified Master Herbalist using USDA organic herbs, Allergy Relief works to reduce the release of inflammatory substances, such as histamines, in response to an allergen. Allergens can be any substance, or antigen, to which the body has an immune response.

The herbs we have chosen for this formula help reduce inflammatory substances circulating in the body, modulate the immune system (because both a weakened and over-active immune system can be responsible), support the health of mucous membranes and strengthen the adrenal glands that can become exhausted from the stress of chronic itching. We have numerous dog and cat clients from around the country that have received relief with this highly-researched herbal blend!

Use in conjunction with our Daily Multi Plus along with some other suggestions found in our Natural Allergy Protocol for best results.

How much should I purchase?

We recommend getting enough for at least two to four weeks to start. With this remedy we are trying to provide the body with what it needs to rebalance itself to a more anti-inflammatory, allergy resistant state. This is far different than using a prescription medication and may take longer, but, when possible, will result in true healing. A one ounce bottle contains 30 ml. We recommend providing this herbal remedy at least three times per day at first until desired results are seen. This means a 25 pound dog will receive 3 ml daily, so a one ounce bottle will last for ten days. In this case we recommend you purchase at least the two ounce size. If you then decide the product is working for your dog or cat try to place your reorder so there is no interruption in your animal's treatment.

What to Look for in a Superior Allergy Formula:

Organic Herbs

Our formula contains certified USDA organic herbs. Research shows organic herbs have higher amounts of important nutrients as opposed to conventionally raised plants. Organic farming methods are also better for the environment and of course do not have the levels of residual pesticides that conventionally grown herbs can have. We also do not use wild crafted herbs in our formulas as this practice can damage wild populations of herbs and you do not necessarily know where the herbs are coming from or have been grown. Instead, we prefer to be on the safe side and only obtain herbs from USDA certified organic farms.

Natural Ingredients

Natural ingredients are going to be gentler on your animal's body when compared to synthetic chemical ingredients or medications. The proper natural constituents are able to provide the body with what it needs to heal and get better. This is in direct contrast to synthetic ingredients or medications that can be especially hard on the liver and kidneys. Medications are also designed to have a symptom suppressing action in line with the principles of allopathic medicine which is to create a diagnoses and then use drugs to suppress symptoms. Using this course of action can never result in true healing and is not really meant to.

Alcohol-Free Tincture with ORGANIC Vegetable Glycerin for Animals

Our blend is formulated by a special process using low heat and organic vegetable glycerin. Tinctures are concentrated forms of a plant's constituents that are readily absorbed and utilized by your pet's body. Because your pet may not like the taste of alcohol, we use vegetable glycerin which gives our tinctures a sweet taste your animals will like. Vegetable glycerin is a carbohydrate but is metabolized differently than sugar and does not raise blood sugar levels. It is also an efficient menstruum which extracts valuable constituents from plants and makes them readily available to the body. In addition, we take the extra time and effort to use a low heat process that extracts many more constituents than just soaking in glycerin alone as is done by most other herbal companies. And, of course, the use of USDA organic vegetable glycerin ensures your pet avoids genetically modified ingredients and herbicides in their natural medicine.

Uses only Human Grade Ingredients

Our products are manufactured using human grade ingredients. In the pet industry this is far from the rule as many companies use pet quality ingredients, those considered "not fit for human consumption".

Uses Fresh, High Quality Ingredients

We purchase our ingredients from some of the most highly regarded companies in their respective fields so you and your animals are ensured the finest quality supplements. In addition, we purchase in small quantities to make sure the products we provide to you are fresh and bursting with important nutrients. This is in direct contrast to many other products on the market that can spend a year or longer sitting in non-climate controlled warehouses before they even get to you.

A proprietary blend of ORGANIC herbs in a 1:5 ratio of herb to menstruum:
Nettle leaf (Urtica dioica), Eyebright herb* (Euphrasia officinalis), Ginkgo leaf (ginkgo biloba), Licorice root (Glycyrrhiza glabra), Burdock root (Arctium lappa) and Cayenne* (Capsicum annuum).

Other Ingredients: ORGANIC vegetable Glycerin, Distilled water

*New addition not on older label

About the Organic Herbs in this Formula

Nettle Leaf - Is an extremely nutritious herb supplying numerous vitamins and minerals. It also provides effective antiallergenic qualities by reducing the effects of histamine and other inflammatory chemicals that are responsible for the symptoms we associate with allergies.

Ginkgo Leaf - This herb has many benefits for your dog and cat. In this formula we will focus on its rich concentration of flavonoids that are anti-inflammatory and antiallergenic. This herb also helps to increase blood flow and thereby increase the removal of toxins.

Licorice Root – A very effective and fast acting anti-inflammatory herb. Its content of glycyrrhizin has a similar chemical structure to corticosteroids that are naturally secreted by your pet’s adrenal glands. When used safely and not in excessive doses, this herb may allow you to reduce the dosage, or hopefully avoid the use, of more dangerous corticosteroid drugs provided by your veterinarian.

Burdock Root – Because allergies can be related to a build up of toxins in the blood, often related to an overwhelmed and sluggish liver, burdock plays an important role in this formula as a nutritious liver tonic and blood builder and cleanser.

Cayenne – An excellent catalyst to the system being a wonderful circulating tonic and stimulating the digestive process. Also being naturally high in vitamin C makes this herb a good choice in an allergy formula.

To help relieve chronic allergy symptoms provide 1 ml per 25 lbs 2 - 3 times per day. Giving between meals is optimum. Squirt into mouth by pulling out lower lip at the rear corner of the mouth. Rinse off dropper before placing back in bottle. You may add to meals or a small amount of yogurt or favorite food if necessary.

For acute allergy symptoms use at the same suggested dosage above but provide every two hours for 6 - 8 doses per day until symptoms subside. Follow this more intensive schedule for no longer than three days at a time.

For long term use go on a schedule of 5 days on and 2 days off after the first two - four weeks if this does not cause a flare up of your animal's condition. You might only be able to take one day off on Sundays for instance depending on your animal's condition. The reason for taking a break is to allow your animal's body a rest from the herbal treatment so it can safely eliminate any buildup of herbal constituents and to prevent adapting to the herbal remedy reducing its effectiveness over time.

Please remember that chronic allergy symptoms can be greatly alleviated by feeding a raw food diet or properly prepared home made diet. It is hard to alleviate severe allergy symptoms with the majority of kibble diets for a variety of reasons. The only kibble diets we would recommend are Orijen and Acana pet foods. Proper digestion is very important so adding a digestive enzyme supplement is highly recommended and avoiding vaccinations, which promote autoantibodies and the subsequent release of inflammatory chemicals like histamine, is also key to reducing allergies.

Storage: If to be used over a period of a few weeks store at room temperature out of direct sunlight. Refrigerate for longer term storage.

Important: Consult with a holistic practitioner if your animal’s condition worsens. Use only as directed on label. For use in dogs and cats.


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We offer the finest 100% human-grade Bovine Colostrum Powder available for your dogs and cats. Certified True Colostrum by Cornell University, it is 6-hour, first-milking colostrum. Our Colostrum powder is tested ORGANIC free of herbicides, pesticides, hormones, antibiotics and steroids. It is the finest available for your pets being low heat, spray dried to preserve all the natural benefits and no excipients or chemicals are ever added.


BioPreparation is a very special nutritional supplement for animals FAR superior to ordinary manufactured vitamin supplements! This is the original formula developed and tested with over 20 animal species.  An all-natural, whole food product composed with four of the most nutrient dense algae found on earth.

FANTASTIC product! My 13 year old cat has suffered chronic sinus infections for 3 yrs and it has been a vicious cycle of antibiotics and nose drops. A holistic vet mixed up a remedy in alcohol and it not only made my cat pee a lot, but also made him feel ill afterward and did nothing for his sinusitis. Because his nose was always congested, and he coughed frequently, he would stop eating and lost a lot of weight. He also spiraled downward and was diagnosed with Adrenal Fatigue and Hyperthyroidism. I've been using this company's Adrenal and Hyperthyroidism Tonics with very good success, but since I began using the Allergy Relief Tonic, his breathing is perfect, his nose is not stuffed up, he's stopped coughing, he is eating, regaining weight, and his energy level is rising, and I've not had to use the Adrenal or Hyperthyroidism Tonics. Also extremely helpful is the Digestive Enzymes and Probiotics, which has stopped his frequent vomiting and chronic diarrhea. He's a much happier kitty, and I'm very grateful for these products, and especially Maria and Phil. They have accomplished what no other products or very long list of veterinarians have been able to do.
Excellent product.
I have two DS and we've been dealing with an environmental allergy for about 3 years. I started using this product for the first time this year and I am amazed how well it worked. It took a solid month on the formula to show a marked improvement but after that the itching/chewing has completely stopped.
Jade and Isaac thank you for creating this product and for the relief it has given them!
AMAZING...I was using another homeopathic product from a different company--and yes it worked, saved my sanity and my dog's life. BUT, this PRODUCT IS AWESOME...after a year of stuffing pills down her throat, we BOTH were thrilled with the liquid. EVEN BETTER...was the educational help I received, Her digestive system was all out of the capsules I have been giving her were not processing correctly. THIS liquid goes to work immediately-- SO MUCH FASTER & MUCH BETTER RESULTS. My dog, Onalayh and I are very grateful...BLESS YOU !
My 18 year old cat Bhakti has had a severe health problem for 17 years of her life, beginning at age one. Chronic itching with endless scratching causing horrible lessions made us both miserable. I live on the Big Island of Hawaii; she was treated by almost every vet on the island at an expense of several thousand dollars. All to no avail. We tried every kind of diet--raw food, eliminating this, eliminating that--NOTHING helped. She has been on cortisone, seditives, etc. etc. etc. I tried also various homeopathic remedies, which sometimes helped a little. Ultimately her condition turned into a severe case of feline hyperesthesia--a condition which no one understands, including vets. If you have never heard of it, google it. There are some youtubes that may help you identify if your cat may have this problem. Personally, I feel it may have been caused by vaccines. Other than this terrible condition, she is a healthy cat, will eat anything, has a beautiful disposition, and is my best friend.

Her life was becoming so miserable, people were telling me to "put her down." However, I never give up trying to help her. Somehow, in my endless research, I came across this remedy and ordered it.

Our life is INFINITELY better. For the first time in all these years, she can sleep through an entire night without going wild with scratching. Initially, I followed the instructions on the bottle, for about 3 days. The results were dramatic!

Now I give her about half the recommended dose each morning, and occassionally another half dose in the evening if she starts to scratch. I can pet her again all over her body, which had become impossible because her skin was irritated so badly. I could actually see how red and inflamed her skin was before. It was like she had been boiled.

I am so happy and grateful for this product! I cannot express my apprecition enough for who ever devised this herbal formula. May you be blessed!

I am writing this because I love animals, and I think a lot of cats and dogs have an allergic reaction that may be helped with this remedy. If your pet has a problem like this with severe itching and the cause cannot be identified, please try this product.

Bhakti and I sure are glad we found it.
Aloha! and Mahalo (Thank you)
Patricia J
Big Island Hawaii

Lola has been on Atopica for at least 8 mos. because of itching. In trying to get her off this med, I came upon your product for allergy relief. What a great job it is doing. She is down to .25 ml every other day for the Atopica and she just laps up the Allergy relief medicine. I am so very pleased and hope to have her completely off Atopica soon. Thank you.
Allergy symptoms basically disappeared by the next day. My wife and I couldn't believe it after all the money we spent at the vet's office. I am not sure if this will work for everyone like it did for us but I highly recommend this to everyone I talk to that has a dog that is constantly scratching.
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