Murr Cat Food


Murr Cat Food is scientifically formulated from choice Icelandic meat and organ meat. Formulated with unparalleled knowledge of animal physiology and nutritional requirements, Murr produces the best food for the most loved pets through ethical sourcing of biodynamic based, human grade ingredients. Murr uses only the purest available raw materials fit for human consumption with absolutely no additives, fillers, supplements or preservatives. It has what we feel are the best ingredients we have found in a packaged/canned cat food.

Murr produces specific food for cats based on the nutritional requirements of felines. Murr's solution is a balanced low carbohydrate food containing a high quality component of animal protein. In general, dry foods cause health problems due to the high content of carbohydrates, Murr decreases the chances of nutrient deficiency by eliminating plant materials. A pure animal diet ensures nutritional health.

The Icelandic lamb used in Murr products provide the necessary nutrition and vitamins for cats to achieve better overall health – all natural Vitamin D, Vitamin A, Fatty Acids, Taurine, High quality animal proteins, Amino acids and Niacin.

The cat is an obligate carnivore. To ensure wellness and longevity you must feed your cat what he has evolved to eat, otherwise aging will progress faster than it should. Throughout evolution the cat has NOT adapted to any food other than that of animal origin. Their digestive system and metabolism is developed for food from animal sources. If cats are fed food from an animal source they are not likely to suffer from any nutrient deficiencies, but the composition must be balanced according to the specific nutrient requirements of the cat – as the cat does by selecting its prey. It is always best to get this nutrient composition from whole foods rather than synthetic vitamins, and Murr does this!

Murr Cat Food Benefits

  • Nutrients come from whole foods

  • No synthetic vitamins or unnatural ingredients of any kind

  • Features free range, grass fed Icelandic meats

  • No grains or filler ingredients

  • In our experience, a large percentage of cats love this food

Murr Cat Food Details

Available in a 3.5 oz pouch.

Lamb lungs, water sufficient for processing, lamb (meat), beef liver, lamb liver, beef lungs, pork lungs, beef kidneys, lamb kidneys, pork kidneys, potato starch, potate fiber, calcite.

Feeding Directions
Growing kittens. After weaning. 2 lbs body weight: 1.5 bags/day
Maintenance. Adult cat 9 lbs body weight: 2 bags/day
Pregnant queen. 9 lbs body weight: 2.5 bags/day
Lactating queen. Peak lactation, 3-4 kittens. 9 lbs body weight: 4 bags/day

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