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Mostly Bob

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Mostly Bob - 288 pages

When Tom Corwin's golden retriever, Bob, passed away unexpectedly, Tom decided to write a letter as a tribute to Bob's life. The letter would also tell Bob's many human friends what they might not have known-- the surprising story of how Bob was once a ferocious, abused, untrusting dog named Red and how he changed completely to become Tom's best friend.

Once he sent the letter, Tom received an outpouring of heartfelt responses. He came to realize that what he thought was just a slightly unusual story about his dog was also a universal tale about the possibility of change and the power of unconditional love. Friends and strangers urged him to bring the story to more people. So, with a vision of how it might look, Tom designed and made by hand a special book version of the letter, complete with flip-book illustrations of his beloved Bob. Now his book is available to readers everywhere.

"One measure of our humanity is the unconditional love we are capable of giving to an animal.... Mostly Bob puts it beautifully and succinctly into words."

- Morley Safer, news correspondent, 60 Minutes

"A small work but large in what it has to say and the quality of its emotion."- Joanne Woodward

"Simply a beautiful love story."
-Bonnie Raitt

"Bob has grabbed our hearts the way he did Tom's. We cried, we hugged our dogs, and then we smiled deeply for the wisdom, the humor, and the genius that was Bob."†- Richard Pryor and Jennifer Lee Pryor