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Cat Prints Picture Frame
$19.95   $9.97

This beautiful 3" x 3" frame will certainly do your cat's picture justice. Makes a great gift for any cat lover.


A photo of your loving companion will look marvelous in this handsome picture frame! 3" x 3"


Cocoa Dog Earrings
$20.59   $10.29

These dog earrings are just too adorable! A great compliment to the Cocoa Pin. Cocoa is made with copper and has a brass heart.


Friends Sterling Silver Pin
$36.29   $18.14

This cheerful pin features two dogs happily running and leaping over the word "Friends". Made with Free Trade sterling silver with brass accent.


The Blue and Gold Macaw Christmas Bird Ornament is hand-painted in wonderful detail and looks beautiful on a Christmas tree! Makes a great gift for some lucky bird lover.


The Scarlet Macaw Christmas Bird Ornament is hand-painted in wonderful detail and looks beautiful on a Christmas tree! Makes a great gift for some lucky bird lover.


The Cockatiel Christmas Bird Ornament is hand-painted in wonderful detail and looks beautiful on a Christmas tree! Makes a great gift for some lucky bird lover.


Planet Dog Cozy Hemp Collar
$19.15   $9.57

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This ultimate, eco-friendly Planet Dog Collar is naturally dyed pure hemp and features a cozy fleece lining! You'll find Planet Dog Collars will stand up to the more rigorous salt-water swims, mud puddle baths, snowy romps and the occasional roll in the sand!

Made in USA With the West Paw 'Lil Kiss' Valentines Day Dog Gift you can pucker up and give your hairy, slobbery dog a 'Lil Kiss'!


West Paw Kitty Kiss
$5.95   $2.97

The West Paw Kitty Kiss is made with white sheepskin and red cuddle fabric, and stuffed with organic catnip kitty love potion and a tinkling bell. The Kitty Kiss will have your feline purring for more!


Yeowww Heart Attack Organic Catnip Cat Toy is bursting with attitude and completely stuffed with organically grown catnip of the Yeowww Brand. This heart is an attack waiting to happen, cat attack that is!


West Paw Design Easter Cat Toy - Kitty Bun's floppy ears, organic catnip, and a jingling bell equals spring fun for your curious cat!

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The Kurgo Auto Zipline with Harness is the safest and easiest way to travel with your dog! The adjustable nylon webbing secured line allows the dog the freedom of moving around in the backseat or cargo area while providing safety in case of sudden stops.

Kurgo Smart Harness
$24.95   $14.97

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The Kurgo Smart Harness is designed to be the strongest and easiest to use dog seatbelt harness and offers superior protection for the dog and driver and passengers as well! Benefits include an easy to put on design, a padded chest plate for added protection and comfort and a seatbelt loop that accommodates any vehicle seatbelt!

The Hyperflite Disc Dog Training Package includes an action-packed one-hour Disc Dog Training DVD featuring tips and techniques developed by the foremost experts in canine disc sports as well as a Jawz Dog Disc and bonus competition footage!

Dog Water Bottle
$10.95   $5.47

This Dog Water Bottle is so lightweight and easy to use; there is no excuse not to have some water with you when you go out with your dog! Not only does this water bottle have its own bowl attached, it is also hands-free clips to belt or waste band, leak-free even upside down and waste-free extra water tips back into the bottle!

Cat Harness and Leash Set
$14.95   $8.97

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Sometimes indoor cats just need to get out and this Cat Harness and Leash Set is the perfect way to safely do that. The adjustable cat harness features lightweight but strong webbing along with two quick-release buckles that fasten in a snap for active cats. Matching 4' cat leash is included!

These Dog Bandanas with Snap Closure features the only bandanas with a unique, adjustable, comfortable and safe snap closure. No more ties or Velcro. Snap ON, Snap OFF! Choose from three best selling designs!

Cat ID Tag
$7.95   $3.97

With this Cat ID Tag your cat will be protected by making use of the latest technology available today. Instantly update information or report your lost cat with one phone call or click of a mouse! Small annual fee required.

West Paw Reknitz Dog Sweaters are simple, stylish and good for the environment! Reknitz Dog Sweaters are Made in the USA from reclaimed cotton fibers so each sweater saves water and does not require fertilizers, insecticides, dyes, and even farmland! Made for smaller breed dogs.

The size 12 Teal Stripe is Temporarily Out-of-Stock

Ferret Sleep Sack
$16.95   $8.47

The Ferret Sleep Sack is the ultimate sleeping bag for ferrets! This cozy bag is lined with faux lamb's wool and can be used inside or outside the cage.


Hanging Ferret Nap Sack
$16.95   $8.47

The Hanging Ferret Nap Sack is a rugged accessory that easily clips to wire cages. Features a special hide-away fleece lined center that ferrets can use to get comfy and to stimulate their natural burrowing instinct!


Heart Ring Toss
$4.19   $2.09

The Heart Ring Toss is an adorable, chewable toy and is a great way to show your devotion! The beads and hearts are made with a natural hardwood and are held together with natural cotton rope and non-toxic glue.


Holiday Dog Bandanas
$8.95   $2.68

These special Holiday Dog Bandanas are sure to get your canine companion lots of attention this Holiday season! Holiday Dog Bandanas feature a clasp closure that makes taking the bandana on & off a breeze. Washable and durable - not your average bandana!

Dog Christmas Stocking
$14.95   $4.48

This beautiful Dog Christmas Stocking is crafted in the mountains of North Carolina. An authentic jacquard woven product, this Dog Christmas Stocking will add Holiday warmth and cheer while hanging on the mantle filled to the brim with special dog toys and treats or gifts for that special dog lover!


Meow Crystal Frame Charm
$19.99   $9.99

The Meow Picture Frame Charm features genuine crystals in a variety of colors. A photo of your cherished cat situated in a decorative "Meow" ensures you can take your beloved companion with you everywhere!


Cat's First Christmas Frame
$12.95   $3.88

The Cat's First Christmas Frame comes with a bow for hanging on the tree or can be used as a Holiday frame. Makes a beautiful seasonal decoration and a memorable way to make your new addition to the family a part of seasonal festivities!


Planet Dog Orbee Tuff Old Soul Bones innovatively address issues that every dog experiences as they grow older and wiser: reduced vision and snout strength, weakened jaw muscles and brittle teeth. Specifically designed for senior dogs whose chewing strength and urgency have waned over the years, but who still like a good, gummy chew!

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The EzyDog Collar: Neoprene Camouflage offers the best in comfort, style and durability. Features soft rubber neoprene (the same material used in wetsuits) and is reinforced with nylon webbing for strength. A great dog collar for those water dogs, rough and tumble outdoor dogs or dogs that just want the most stylish collar in the neighborhood!

Purrfect Litter Lifter
$6.25   $3.12

If you think all cat litter scoops are the same, The Purrfect Litter Lifter is sure to change your mind! Requires virtually no sifting and shaking and gets the litter box cleaning chore done in a fraction of the usual time!


Pick Pockets
$10.00   $5.00

Pick Pockets are a 4" square pouch made of woven cane with a colorful felt backing. Each are stuffed with fun stuff to be picked out thru the 1/4"  holes of the cane. These can hang on the side of the cage or be used as a foot toy!


Pickapart Natural Bird Toys
$10.98   $10.95

Pickapart Natural Bird Toys are multifunctional, natural twig balls stuffed with sea grass, abaca and coconut fibers. Your bird can roll them, carry them around the house, or work on extracting the enticing bits that hide within!

Camp Gone to the Dogs Tee
$27.00   $14.50

This Camp Gone to the Dogs Tee will become a Summertime favorite! Artist Marie Mason brings family camaraderie to life on this tee, making you wish you spent more time toasting smores around a campfire with your family - furry or human!

Rescue Dog Notepads
$7.49   $3.74

These Rescue Dog Notepads are perfect for shopping and to do lists! Includes special rescue dog photo with profile on the back. Choose between Dolly Lama and Oscar.

Rescue Dog Notecards
$14.99   $7.49

These Rescue Dog Notecards feature a set of six assorted everyday notecards with envelopes and blank interiors just waiting for your personalized message! Printed on premium weight paper stock with a photo of a rescue dog on the front and their profile on the back.

Natural Cat Care by Celeste Yarnall is a thoroughly researched reference guide in which Celeste Yarnall examines nutrition as preventative medicine, vitamin and mineral supplements, herbal remedies, and homeopathic treatments for cats. This book will help guide those feline parents, who are interested in a more natural way of caring for their cat, through the maze of information out there today.


Quick-Lock Bird Crock
$8.95   $4.47

The durable Quick-Lock Bird Crock makes the chore of removing and installing your birds bowls quick and easy! Installs in seconds on all wire cages and you just have to twist the crock on and off the sturdy base making the job of feeding your bird a little simpler.

This special SpringStar Fruit Fly Lure out-performs other types of attractants such as red wine vinegar and was able to draw fruit flies away from fresh fruit, and capture a room-full of fruit flies in a few hours. Works day and night to safely and effectively solve your fruit fly problem!


The SpringStar Glass Fruit Fly Trap is a gorgeous solution for pesky fruit flies in homes! Includes a special, non-toxic, natural based lure that out-performs other types of fruit fly baits and looks great hanging by a window or sitting on a counter so people will not even notice that it is a fruit fly trap


Nature's Instinct Foragewise Crazy 8s Bird Puzzle Toy will require your bird to think, work and of course have fun! Your bird must learn to rotate this toy so the treats work their way down to where they can be enjoyed!